Revival Sparked Our Hearts to Love

Photo by  Zoriana Stakhniv  on  Unsplash

This past June, Stephen and I had the privilege of celebrating 35 years of marriage. We had much to celebrate: first, our continued love for each other, and secondly, watching our two sons love their wives and children.

On January 21, 1994, Stephen and I went to our first Revival meeting. That night we received a peace we had not experienced in many years. Ministry had begun to wear us out and, little did we know, that lack of peace was very hard on our marriage. We didn’t know what we didn’t know. We didn’t know that there was more for us as a couple. We were running on empty.

When Holy Spirit began to pour into us, it began a journey in both Stephen and me to learn how to love each other in a greater way. In order for us to move forward, we both needed to receive healing in our own hearts, not just for each other, but for things that had happened in our past. We began to learn about forgiveness, which opened our hearts to be able to accept and receive love.

I remember the first prophetic word I received was, “God loves you!” I began to cry, not understanding that all the different situations in my past had begun to close my heart up to God, to Stephen, myself and to others.

We began to learn about forgiveness which opened our hearts to be able to receive love.

Over these last 23 years, I have had a personal revival in my heart. My heart is fully open to the Lord, my husband, my children, my grandchildren and even for the people around me. One of the most significant impacts revival has had on my life is that I learned to love myself for who God made me to be. He began to open my heart and eyes to see all the potential I had in life. When I began to love myself, I was able to love my husband and celebrate with him all that God was doing in our marriage.

Stephen has been, and continues to be, a caring and a loving husband. He is thoughtful in his deeds towards me, and passionate towards the people that God leads him to. The Lord has shown me how Stephen is wired and that excites me. I love seeing him live his dreams and pursue the Lord in his journey. I love seeing how he loves our children and grandchildren. The Lord has given him much wisdom for the coming days.  

All this transformation happened in our lives because revival sparked our hearts to give and receive love.



Sandra Long

Sandra Long and her husband Steve are the Senior Leaders of Catch The Fire Toronto, Senior Leaders of Catch The Fire Canada and Vice Presidents of Catch The Fire World. Together Sandra and Steve have a desire to see people released into ministry and to see the Kingdom of God impact the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and the rest of the world.


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