Revival Is Where You Are

Photo by  Timon Studler  on  Unsplash

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash


As we look back at nearly eight years that Catch The Fire London has been growing, the subject of how revival affects the community around the church has been prominent to the leadership.

At Catch The Fire we have three journeys; the upward journey of worship, prayer, praise and encounter, the inward journey of salvation and sanctification and the outward journey of leadership and outreach.

It seems that it can be easier sometimes to love God and even allow Him to change us than it is to get up and change the world.

The community next to where Catch The Fire  London meets is called Chalkhill. Having been told by a former policeman that this community used to be the second worst in London was of little surprise to us;  Prior to planting our church, this was the community that was highlighted by God as our primary mission field.

Love is shown by actions. Love creates momentum—momentum for the kingdom.

We originally just met there for soaking meetings, having little visible effect on the people even though we were watering the ground. An opportunity came up to join another church in distributing Christmas food hampers to the poorer families in estates in London. We poured some resources and prayers into this event and although we saw no people come into the church because of it, we did see our reputation for love start to increase. 'Why would you do this?', 'What do we have to give you in return?'

People really don't know how to cope with grace, whether it be through words, salvation or gifts.

The fruit of this event was a connection with the local authority that managed the estate. They asked us if we had any volunteers to help their leaders in their mothers and toddlers group. We sent our interns and a leader weekly to just serve. We didn't gain anything and there was no reward we received from them again, no-one joined the church. Although, we were asked not to speak about Jesus nor to evangelise for a whole year, our reputation for love continued to increase.  

After a year had passed, and following the input many man-hours at a fairly high sacrificial cost, something changed dramatically. The counsel leadership that ran the group came to our team and asked us to take over the group — to lead it, grow it and decide on its content!

We took the group of around 100 mums with their kids and created a context of outreach that included a small element of the gospel.

In the time that followed, within a one year period, 800 families were connected to and ministered to. We also now have families joining the church.

Love is shown by actions. Love creates momentum—momentum for the kingdom.

One of my favourite stories is from around two years ago when the team of interns were setting up the room. Even though this was still in the period when we 'weren't evangelising' to the group, the team still prayed and worshipped as they set up and then served the vision during the 'on hours'. As they were setting up, a blind man accidently walked into their room with his stick. Without breaking stride, the team prayed for him, saw him healed and sent him on his way!

Revival is now.
Revival is where you are, if you let it.



Stuart Glassborow and his wife Chloe are Senior Leaders of Catch The Fire London and are on the Catch The Fire World Leadership Team. They are also the Founding Directors of The Kenyan Children’s Project. Together Stuart and Chloe have an amazing passion to see the Father heart of God impact the nations.


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