Propelled to Be Revival

In October 2007, we attended a wedding in Toronto, and our hearts were burning with the thoughts of church planting. We always had the desire to one day plant our own church, but the stirring in our hearts for this quickened. We had prayed a lot and asked God to give us a clear sign to confirm what He was calling us to and that Raleigh, North Carolina was where we were going to do it.

In the natural, we looked crazy. Why would anyone, let alone the Executive Director of a thriving church and ministry, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (now known as Catch The Fire Toronto), ever want to leave their position, migrate to yet another country where they know no one, and plant a bible-believing, spirit-filled church in the “Bible Belt” of the USA? The answer: the calling of God on our lives sometimes seems “crazy”.

So on that rainy October day, God showed us a sign. In front of us was an old Plymouth Voyager van with a North Carolina license plate, “WYV 001”. The prophetic symbolism in this was incredible. We originally moved to Toronto from England. Plymouth is a city in the United Kingdom and it also is the first place where the Pilgrims settled in United States. The Voyager van represented the new voyage God was taking us on as a family and Kate exclaimed, “WYV - with your values!” We were leaving Toronto, going to plant the first international Catch The Fire church, and our hearts were to carry the values to Raleigh and to the nations! And lastly, Duncan said, “00 represents you and me, Kate! We’re nothing, but in Him, in Christ, we are 1 - we are one with Him!”

This day marked us. It marked us with the calling and it confirmed the destiny that God had for us. From that day on, we knew what we needed to do and where we needed to go. God placed in us the hunger and desire for revival; we longed to see the southern part of the U.S. set on fire with the Holy Spirit, hungry to see Him and His kingdom! God placed in us a dream; He grew our faith as we began to step out in obedience to His calling and His voice. He gave us the desire to see revival in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. Partnering with His dream propelled us to take the leap and begin the biggest adventure of our lives thus far!

Revival isn’t just a moment at a conference or a moment on a Sunday morning; revival is a lifestyle and it’s a position of our hearts.

Our journey in Raleigh has not been easy. We’ve had victories and we’ve had defeats. We’ve seen miracles and we’ve experienced loss. But, we believe that WE, as a church, ARE revival! We believe that when we obey the voice of the Lord and we step out in faith, we will see revival happen all around us.

Revival isn’t just a moment at a conference or a moment on a Sunday morning; revival is a lifestyle and it’s a position of our hearts. Revival is a revelation and mentality that we are living in the Kingdom of Heaven NOW and that we are dangerous to the Enemy and the dominions of darkness! Hearing the countless testimonies from our congregations of salvations, healings, and heart transformations was what propelled us to keep on going, to keep on fighting - it made everything worth it. All the sacrifice of leaving our friends, our families, our home, and everything we knew suddenly became worth it as we realized that we were living in revival. Our love for Raleigh and Durham is growing more and more as we understand that these are God’s cities. Our heart is to see our cities transformed!

We can access this “revival” anytime; the bible says in Luke 17:21, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within reach.” All it takes is faith to access this Kingdom and a shift in our hearts and minds that we are living, breathing, walking revival here on this earth.



Duncan and Kate Smith

Duncan and Kate Smith are revivalists who carry the fire of God's love and power all over the world. Originally from the UK, they are the Presidents of Catch The Fire World, a global network and movement of revival churches, missions and ministries, birthed out of the Toronto Revival. They planted and are the Senior Leaders of Catch The Fire Raleigh in North Carolina.

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We invite you to join us for our annual Catch The Fire Conference from September 27–30, 2017. Let's come together and share our revival stories!