Finally! Freedom from Pain

Photo by  Ben White  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


Motorbikes, Karate and Scoliosis

I’ve had spine issues with my back and problems with my knees since 1983. I had multiple accidents on my motorcycle and during karate. As a chef of 25 years, I was constantly on my feet.

I have Scoliosis, a condition where your spine grows bending abnormally to the left or to the right. When I was 17 my curvature was 73 degrees and also twisted, leaving me in noticeable pain. I had 5 weeks of surgery to place a titanium rod down my spine, leaving me in a cast for 11 months. However, even after the surgery I remained in a lot of pain and sometimes lost feeling in my legs.


All the doctors could offer me was pain management

So this, and the additional pain in my knees–the doctors said I needed two knee replacements—left me on a lot of medication. I've been regularly taking Tramadol, Naproxen, Paracetamol, Amitriptyline, Gabapentin, Lansoprazole, and other stuff. These kinds of drugs leave you very sleepy sometimes confused and changes your whole character. All this had been going on since 2004 and because it went on for so long, I began to feel demoralised when all the doctors could offer me was pain management.


I couldn’t work, and I lost friends and family

Alongside the physical pain I was in, I felt that people in my life found it hard to understand, and maybe not even believe in the reality of the situation I was in. I felt that they thought I just ‘didn’t want to work’, and I lost a lot of friends and family over it. In reality, I actually felt jealous when I heard of people going out and enjoying their job, because I knew it was something that I just couldn’t do.


“Don’t worry, we’ll keep praying”

Since coming to Catch The Fire Bournemouth, it’s changed. I’ve found the people that have prayed for me are genuine. Instead of blaming me for not having enough faith to get healed, they’ve said: “Don’t worry, we’ll keep praying”. I’ve had several teams at Catch The Fire Bournemouth pray for me, and even guest speakers such as Patricia Bootsma, but have felt guilty if nothing happened. However, one thing the pain did do is make me seek God more on this issue, and I felt reassured that God’s timing is the best for me. I've had times when I've cried out to him and He has made it bearable.


I realised that I needed to be healed

During this time of trial and pressing in, the Lord spoke to me through dreams and visions, and I had a revelation of faith. I realised that I needed to be healed for what God had in store for me! I was certain Jesus was breathing new life into my body so that I can do his will to the best of my ability. After this revelation, I began to have strange encounters when people prayed for me at Catch The Fire Bournemouth. One Sunday, it felt as though my spine were being manipulated. Another time, a strange sensation went down my legs, and then another when Dave (Senior Leader) was praying for me, I felt iced water flowing down my back—it felt so soothing!


Peace comes, Pain leaves

A few weeks later, Louis (Catch The Fire Bournemouth Community Pastor) came to visit my wife and I, and after he prayed and fellowshipped with us, there was such a change in the atmosphere in our home; I can only attribute it to the peace of the Lord. And as of that evening, being prayed for by my pastor at Catch The Fire Bournemouth, I didn’t need to take any painkillers—and I still haven’t taken any!

Since then, my mind is so much fresher from not taking so many drugs, and I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me now! I am so grateful for what God has done, and the new body he has given me!

I thank all at Catch The Fire Bournemouth for all of the prayers and laying on of hands, and most of all making my family and I so welcome with you.



Carl Assanah

Carl Assanah attends Catch The Fire Bournemouth, under the leadership of pastors David & Adele Richards. 

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