Devotional | Always Triumph


“But thanks be to God, who always leads us to triumph in Christ and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.” (2 Corinthians: 2:14)

What an incredibly encouraging word and promise. God always leads us to triumph in Christ. That little word, always, is so important for us to hold on to. Sometimes that is difficult to believe. It doesn’t always feel like we are going to triumph, but God says, “I will always lead you to triumph.”

That word, “triumph” is an interesting word in the original Greek. It conveys the picture of a parade. It means to lead around, make a spectacle of, make a show of, to display openly, publicly exalting the victor and putting the conquered on display, an exhibition.

This means that “when” you conquer, not “if” you conquer, that triumph will be displayed openly. The victor, who is Christ, will be put on public display. The glory will go to Him. That triumph will not be hidden. The test will become a marvelous testimony.

Think about it. There would not be a victory parade without a victory. There would not be a victory unless there was something that we needed to gain victory over. We wouldn’t need the victory without the struggle. They are what bring the testimonies. They are what bring the glory to God, to allow the world to see His goodness.

When his triumph in our lives is put on display, this verse then goes on to say that, “the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him is manifest through us everywhere we go.” What a beautiful depiction.

This makes me think of the many times we have driven into the state of Florida when the orange blossoms were in bloom. I can still smell them. The fragrance released from those blooms is both beautiful and overwhelming. You just want to drink it in and never leave that place.

It is the same with the aroma of the knowledge of Christ. is a sweet smell. It is an aroma that draws us to him. This fragrance is released when the victory happens, which releases the testimony of God’s goodness and people are drawn to this beautiful Saviour. Everywhere we go, this fragrance is released. The more we walk in triumph, the more fragrance we release.

So don’t despise the struggles. Know that the triumph is coming. That is an absolute promise. Know that His goodness will be put on display through you, releasing the glorious fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord everywhere you go.

The tragedies will turn to triumphs.
The ashes will turn to beauty.
The sorrows will turn to joy.
The tears will turn to laughter.
The test will turn to a testimony.