Devotional | The Beauty of Friendship


As I’m sit here in my chair, I can’t help but be thankful for friendship. Even God, the wonderful creator of the world couldn’t agree more. In Genesis 2, He forms Adam from dirt, and only moments later, Eve is formed from the very ribs of Man. She is formed with purpose and intentionality. Man was never meant to do life alone. This is shown in Genesis 2:18: “It’s not good for the Man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper, a companion”. From the very beginning of time, a high value is placed on friendship. I am beyond thankful for the friends that surround me. Each and every one of them play such an important role in my life.

Jesus has been speaking to me a lot about the value of friendship. I think of my friends and I can’t help but smile. In between the chaos and messiness of life, my friends parade right in with love and giggles (Who am I kidding? I mean loud, loud roaring laughter- the kind that makes you feel like you’ve just completed a killer abdominal workout and need to use the bathroom really badly.) and acceptance and joy and peace. It’s so funny how that works. I’ve learnt that when God says that He knows every one of our needs and desires, that includes friendship/community (Matt. 6:8).

I love that my friends, with their imagination, ingenuity, audacity and love (my friends are really good at loving), come knocking on the door of my heart expecting nothing in return. All they want is to listen and to love me and call me to higher and greater places. As relationship is cultivated and trust and love lay firmly, making up the foundation, there is an open invitation to be vulnerable and open up my heart. I love that I can walk in vulnerability. I love that I can express myself freely. I love that my friends, are powerful people, and that I, am a powerful person, and that together, we make make powerful duos…or trios..who want nothing more than to see freedom and love released all over the Earth. 

With the beauty of friendship, exceeding growth is a promise. Not only do you grow in your relationship with your friends, but you also grow as an individual. Your character is developed and tested and refined. You become a better YOU. In Proverbs 27:17, it states, “You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another." I can testify that my friends have "sharpened” me. They have called me higher- always calling out the gold in me. God uses those around us to encourage, uplift and edify us (especially our close friends, because most of the time, in order to speak into someone’s life, relationship is a requirement).

We were never meant to live life alone.

We were never meant to walk this journey by ourselves. I think of my friends, and the word ease comes to mind. My friends have coloured the road of friendship with comfort, freedom and acceptance. Friends are treasures. Once you discover them, you begin to appreciate their beauty, rarity and worth.

As I continue to explore, discover and change the world, I know that I am not alone. My pondering and wandering continues to be beautifully disrupted by those I love the most. They evoke adventure and excitement and laughter. Whether my friends are by side or a millions miles away doing what they do best, they’re always in my heart.

I want to challenge you to talk to God about the specific desires in your heart when it comes to friendship. Are you feeling lonely? Are you wanting that one special friend where connection is easy? Have you been hurt by a friend? If so, talk to God about it. Bring your heart- with all its needs and desires and hopes and dreams- to him. He wants to meet you where you're at. Most of all, he wants to be your friend. He wants to set the standards of what it means to be a friend. Reach out. Say "hello". Smile.

You never know what kind of connection a simple action or word can spark.