Revival in Switzerland


A number of revival events were organized in Switzerland between September and December last year. The goals were to help people experience God’s presence, to learn and understand his love and care in a deeper way, and to practice sharing it with others. We recorded some testimonies of what God has been doing around Switzerland. His Spirit is on the move!


God called me to the ‘IN HIS PRESENCE‘ seminar with Werner and Babette Jöchle. Before this seminar I was a Christian with head knowledge, but with no real relationship with Jesus and the Father. Now it has changed, and I have learnt to know the Father more and more. I am so thankful for this gift, I never want to forget what I’ve learnt.


My daughter, who was seriously unwell, is starting to find her strength. She was duly encouraged by the event. I am so appreciative and thankful to God and to everyone who organised the event.


This has been such an incredible experience! I’ve been playing the bass for 30 years. My career as a bassist nevertheless is engraved by pressure to perform, rejection and anger. It is the bassist’s job to give rhythm and beat as a good ground for the worship. Werner and Babette succeded in leading me into my calling as a bassist. Without any obstruction I was able to play the pattern the Holy Spirit entered into my heart and I actually felt Him close to me. I asked him what to do and it just happend.


What surprised me was that I was asked during this time to be on the ministry team. The task filled me with dread and I was thinking things like, "surely there are hundreds of others who could do this better than me?" Nonetheless I accepted my role, but to begin with I couldn’t even bless anyone, out of shame. But with the help of my wife and another ministry team member who prayed for me, somthing begun within me and off we went! I’m not aware of what people who received ministry experienced but it must have been quite significant; God seemed to appoint members of staff who didn’t believe themselves worthy to be ministering to people. It felt great to be rid of the lies and dirt we were believing about ourselves. Repentance now has a new meaning for me and I am so thankful to everyone who ministered for their commitment. 


Thank you so much for accepting at such short notice the conference registration for our son. This has been like a rocket start for him – we’re so thankful to the Lord!


I came with empty hands to the event, and God showered me with presents. A prophecy was spoken over me which really touched me, it is like a unique love letter from God that I shall always remember. 


During the 3 days of conference I experienced great things; one morning I woke up with laughing and crying – deeply touched by the Lord. On the first day of the conference I had some dreams to tell to the Lord. One of them was to learn just to play again and give away any control I had concerning the Holy Spirit. But at the same moment thoughts came – as usual – that I wouldn’t be able to experience God’s presence as others do. But finally I tried to encourage myself, and a ministry team member prayed for me. Not long after, the person ministering to me said “Go and tell your wishes to your heavenly Daddy!“ And at that moment I knew, “Yes, this is the name for my father in heaven.“


Until then I have always struggled talking to God as Father. But calling him Daddy is wonderful! And the story continues: God encouraged me to ask Jesus to come with me to a sandbox. “What would we do?“ I thought , but I followed up, and I met Jesus in a sandbox. In the vision I was having, Jesus and I played together and I laughed a lot. The vision was so clear I could see it like a film. God knew my dreams and He answered my prayer of learning to play.


Later during worship someone laid hands on me, and I cannot describe my feelings. At that moment I wasn’t able to control myself. I felt like I was flying and I came to stand directly before the Lord. Nothing else was existing at that moment. It was incredibly humbling and powerful for me and some deep inner healing was taking place as the Lord met with me. Such precious moments.


On my way to the seminar with Ivan and Isabelle Allum the Holy Spirit led my attention to a promotional poster. It said: ‘Expect a lot of gifts‘. This was indeed what I expected from my heavenly Daddy during the conference. Just after arriving and having found a place in the hall someone approcahed me and asked me to be part of the ministry team. My heart started beating violently, I felt it in my neck; in that moment the Lord spoke to me: “It’s an offer for you, you can be part of this adventure.“


Until that moment I had a fear of ministering to people but also I longed for my life not to be pointless. So, I overcame my fear in that moment, stood up and said yes. This was the first time I felt myself really called to ministry and being in the right place at the right time. I had such a wonderful time as continually I was encouraged by the reactions of the people I prayed for as they experienced God and felt His healing hand. Our heavenly Daddy is so good, all honour to HIM.


The week before the conference I was experiencing something like a soul storm, because a relationship I had been in for a few months had come to an end. I hoped that the Lord would support me with courage and strength for the conference. God really blessed me over the next few days with gifts of encouragement. 


Over the conference I realised that the promised land that God had for me had been robbed from me and I had contended with a time in a desert.


During the conference I came to realize a great deal and found some answers to my questions. I received a prophecy during this time and my heart jumped for joy and I am so touched that the Lord affirmed and encouraged me. I feel like now I’m walking in the fullness of God and I’m expectant for what He has for me in my life. What a priviledge it is to be a part of His plans; I will seek HIS Kingdom first and everything else will be added! Amen and all glory to God!