Jesus Luvs Ravers


When someone mentions the “mission field,” what do you immediately think of? Some unreached jungle in Africa? The Middle East? My experience has been that this term, for many people, suggests a nuance of the destination of a full-time missionary. Because of the selective focus of missions in the past few decades, albeit fantastic, it’s often targeting a specific type of mission that is on the heart of the Father. However, there is more than one type of mission on His heart right now.

I think a more appropriate term for missions, especially for this generation, is harvest field. That broadens the scope quite nicely, doesn’t it? One thing I appreciate about the term “harvest field” is that it includes everyone. Maybe not everyone will take on the title of a missionary, but everyone is called to Father God’s harvest. There is an ideology around missions, and so by simply changing one word, it becomes all-inclusive. Now those of you who feel called to be a CEO for Jesus don’t have to feel guilty about it. There’s a harvest in your business’s success.

I saw my harvest field almost immediately after my radical liberation over 11 years ago. I was once a wild-man in the nightlife and rave culture. I would have defended my more noble qualities in comparison to the more wretched - but I was still just blind, poor, and naked. Thankfully, to Jesus, that made me a prime candidate to be adopted in to His family.
I won’t deliberate on how bad my life got before the Lord encountered me in a dream on May 13, 2004, but I can assure you I wouldn’t have lived much longer at the pace I was running. In the midst of all my failure and woe, He was drawing me, romancing me, and wooing me with His loving whispers. Needless to say my parched soul was so undone by the river of the Spirit, that I ran after Him harder than I ran after sin.

For the next 8 years I fasted and prayed for the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). It was once a sub-culture, and now it is taking over mainstream culture in many nations. I hid myself in a prayer room according to His clear direction for my life, and there I met my beautiful wife, Tiffany (who shared my passion for this global community that makes up for tens of millions of people world-wide).

In 2012 we began to take steps towards the fulfillment of the dreams and prophecies He had given us, leading up to the moment where we launched one of our missions: Jesus Luvs Ravers. We immediately, of course, faced ridicule, betrayal, increased spiritual warfare, but even greater: glory in our harvest field. In spite of all the attacks, when we stepped into our appointed field, the kingdom began to manifest through us like we hadn’t seen before. It was quite effortless. It felt like home.

They are so hungry to experience heaven, that a demonstration of God’s supernatural love is not only welcome, but desired and greatly appreciated.

We started going to nightclubs and raves and EDM festivals, and the more we went the more we saw how ripe this scene was - and there were little to no harvesters doing what we were doing (other than the occasional angry religious mob screaming at them as if judgmental anger was an appropriate demonstration of the kingdom). 

So picture this: tens of thousands of people, aged 18-50, gathered to one massive event with multiple stages all playing music with driving beats and epic soundscapes. Some are wearing athletic wear while some are dressed as fairies or unicorns. Neon colors and nations’ flags are everywhere. Almost everyone is sporting rave bracelets called kandi. These festivals are the moments that most ravers live for. It’s their utopia. They are so hungry to experience heaven, that a demonstration of God’s supernatural love is not only welcome, but desired and greatly appreciated.

At one recent festival I attended I was praying my typical prayer - “Father, send me the ripe ones,” when I felt the Spirit caution me to stop. I began to scan the area, knowing there was someone in particular He wanted me to speak to. A guy with a wolf hat was continually highlighted to me, so I made my way to his group of friends and sat down with them. After a moment of surface-level banter, I noticed they were about to stand up and head to a different part of the festival. I took my chance, so I stated, “Before you guys get up, do any of you need healing in your body?” Out of the six or so seated around me, the only one who raised his hand was the guy in the wolf hat. Let’s call him Jack for the sake of the story. Jack then pulled out his crystals and asked me to bless them, to which I replied “The Anointing that heals through me is for people, not objects,” and he smiled and put his crystals back. Jack then pointed out the area of pain in his body - his neck and shoulders - which he stated has been there for as long as he could remember. I began to pray over him, and saw an image of his mom, and I heard the words “generational curse.” In those moments, I don’t ever feel the need to explain everything - only what the Spirit would have me say. I briefly explained to him what I saw, and that I was going to walk him through breaking the curses. So we did - and all pain left his body. His friends were all watching of course, and now deeply intrigued that this stranger who prays to Jesus was actually able to help their friend. 

Jack then confided in me things a youth might only share with their youth pastor, and how he never knew his mom because she abandoned him when he was 3 months old. He needed more than physical healing that day - he needed an ear, an anointed smile, and proof that Father will follow His kids into EDM festivals.

One of Jack’s friends piped in and asked “Do you do emotional healings as well?” I was so delighted in the growing faith of the group, and I said “Yes, I do!”. She introduced me to the most quiet one in her group, who I will call Anna. 

“Anna just lost her dad, can you help her?” 

I looked at the girl she was directing me to, and she appeared like a shell of a human, but not much more. I sat in front of her, as my heart bursted with Abba’s love for her. Here is a girl suffering through one of the worst pains a daughter can experience, and her friend seized the moment with a stranger to see her get “healed”. It was just so incredible. What happened next was such a holy thing, that I can only give a few details. The Father gushed into my heart secrets of her life, which I began to speak to her one after another. Each time another word of knowledge was spoken, I could see her coming back to life. 

“When you were a teenager, you went to a church that tried to force change on you, and they hurt you deeply,” I said at one point to Anna.

“Yes, that’s true,” Anna replied, now looking surprised that I knew, yet sullen from the memory.

“God is saying that it wasn’t Him forcing change, and He wouldn’t treat you the way they treated you. I’m a Christian, and I want to stand in on behalf of that church. We were wrong, will you forgive us?”

Anna began to cry. 
“Yes.... I forgive you,” she cried out.

This continued on for a while, and after about 20 minutes, we were both overwhelmed with Abba’s love.

“Losing your dad is horrible and tragic - but God is showing you today He will be your dad, and He will love you perfectly and faithfully. Will you let Him be your dad now?”
Anna smiled like a daughter who had hope again, and prayed with me this incredible and holy prayer to receive Abba, His Son, and the Spirit.

I love the stories about the ravers coming up to us immediately asking “What is truth?” and then receiving the gospel

My wife and I return with our team with many stories like this every time we go. I wish I had time to tell you about the prodigal youth pastor who got her life vision back, or the two girls who got so dramatically healed in their bodies that they gave their lives to Jesus immediately. I love the stories about the ravers coming up to us immediately asking “What is truth?” and then receiving the gospel, or the time an angel showed up in a picture so we had an open door to share the gospel with three guys from Switzerland. The issue isn’t our cool factor or even our faith - it’s more about Abba’s burning heart for a generation that is quite honestly pulling heaven out of us. Every time we go I’m reminded we were all once shell of a human looking for a father. This is a mission field, a ripe harvest that could be the new sound we have been waiting for, and a community that can show us what spiritual hunger looks like. 

Editor's Note: Jesus Luvs Ravers will be in Toronto for the first time on June 26th & 27th, to minister the Kingdom to God's children at the Digital Dreams festival. Please pray for them!