Revival in the South Pacific


Did you know God is passionate about transforming hearts and restoring people into right relationship with him? We've collected a bunch of stories of what God is doing around the world, and this week we're sharing the ones from Australia, New Zealand, and the Phillipines. We're so excited to hear of the fire of revival all around the world. Please send us your stories!

"What a brilliant time with Abba this week. Revival in Australia is now palpable - you can taste it.

I've seen the most beautiful fruit of Holy Spirit in my management team’s life this week at ILSOM. All of us had written, called, emailed and messaged our spouses, kids or parents expressing Abba's love as sons and daughters of His - very beautiful.

It's been a great journey (my first trip to Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship was in 1998) out of which God birthed a 24/7 mission house into a large government housing estate resulting in huge community transformation. I've been to Catch The Fire in Sydney (whenever John or Randy were in town) many times and little by little we are now seeing the King restoring the Fire to The Salvation Army (TSA). The territorial commander of Australia Eastern territory has recently convened a meeting of people to begin the refocus of The Salvation Army to revival. And now, you guys at Catch The Fire end up in the middle of a conservative traditional expression of the Army - just like God to plonk fire in the middle of that - Hallelujah!

We are definitely in an unprecedented time for this nation. In coming months I believe the King will make a way forward in unity between Catch the Fire and our centre as well as many other expressions of TSA.

I have been ministering Abba's love and Holy Spirit fire around the Central Coast all weekend as have some of my team and we've all been aware of the greater anointing which has come as a result of ILSOM this week. Praise Jesus!

Our immense thanks to the ILSOM team for standing in all you've been called to and for this Nation - the best is definitely yet to come." - Craig Stephens, Sydney, Australia

"I had such a brilliant time at ILSoM. It was just spot on timing; when I had seen the ad a couple of months ago I just knew that I had to do it and God has certainly worked in my life since then. It was great to just be submersed in the Holy Spirit for the week and God was working on all sorts of things - I felt further release in the area of my value and self-worth which had been affected since my childhood. I had thought that I had worked through it but God dealt with it further.

Some inner healing also came from the Holy Spirit putting His finger on the way my mum showed me love. It was great to work through some of this stuff because I hadn’t noticed it before. It was also so good to have strongholds like anger, which had been rising up in me recently, dealt with and I’m sure I burped out a few uglies, although nothing specific jumped out at me. It was brilliant to be zapped and on the floor a few times getting filled up by the Holy Spirit as well.

God gave me some great pictures as Kate spoke (I was already on the floor from previous prayer) which started with a child that I didn’t recognise, calling me to the Father. Unexpectedly it popped into my head that this was the child my wife Lynn had miscarried.

I really enjoyed seeing Duncan, his teaching was brilliant, and it was great to get to know him. I also connected with Dan Lambert from Catch The Fire Sydney and we will catch up when I’m back from the Philippines in a few weeks. We definitely need more of this type of ministry at Grace City Church."

- Mike Irving, Sydney, Australia.

The Father Heart weekend held recently at Harvest City Church has changed my life. Prayers are effective.

It was simply the love manifested by John and Pauline that came out of their eyes and radiated from them, that impacted me. I have been to many such seminars in NZ in the past but something happened this time.

John prayed for me for an impartation of the Fathers Love, then he prayed for me again during the lunch break when I talked to him very briefly about ministry 'mistakes' I had made in the past that I felt I definitely need to be pronounced forgiven for. Shortly after that Pauline prayed for me for an impartation of the Mother heart of God (which was a big one for me).

On the Sunday morning, when John asked for testimonies, I felt so different that I briefly shared what God had done the day before, because I just knew something BIG had been broken. John briefly prayed for me and blessed me again. Then afterwards, when church was finished and most people had gone, John called me across and spoke to me again at the rear of the hall, and said many encouraging things to me about my destiny and future ministry possibilities.

Quite some input all in one weekend!


1. I have suddenly found myself renting a 3 bedroom house, with many believers coming to help me clean and to move in.

2. Multiple people have been providing lounge suites, chairs, mats, cushions, blankets, sheets, cutlery, crockery, mugs, cups, bowls, bookcases and food for me in the moving process.

3. I have been propelled into initiating a 'men's group' in the church, with the leadership team’s blessing, allowing me to talk to all the men over 30 to discuss what we plan to do. It appears at this stage it may develop into a men's 'prayer group'.

4. Men are coming to my new house for counsel and ministry whom I have not met before, from out of Hamilton.

I am somewhat amazed at God's ‘suddenlies’, that Kathy Walters has often talked about, and now I am in the middle of it.

I am amazed by the discernment, encouragement, insight and love I have seen in these people.

- John Munro, Hamilton, New Zealand

"Dear family, for the last three and a half weeks I have been privileged to carry the message of the Father’s love to various cities and churches in the Philippines. Thank you to the many of you who have supported me in prayer, during this time, it’s been my best trip ever. Right now my heart is so full of love for the people of this nation and the things I know our heavenly Father wants to continue to do in the years ahead.

Some brief highlights:

I spent my first week in Cagayan De Oro, staying at the “Our God Reigns” missions base in Gusa, (A ministry established by the amazing Don and Barbara Arney, who over the last 22 years have planted some 40 churches in this nation) where I was honoured to facilitate the first gathering of Partners In Harvest churches in the City.

It great was a wonderful day where the leaders of four churches came together with the purpose of fostering relationship and gaining a fuller understanding of PIH / CTF values. One of the highlights of the day was the small group sessions where the various department leaders from each Church, could share together. Youth leaders, senior pastors, worship leaders, intercessors all had opportunity to share with each other about the good things that God was doing in their lives as well as some of their challenges and struggles. We finished the day in true CTF style with a great fire tunnel and time of impartation.

I then travelled to the City of Butuan and caught up with my friends Rudy and Bernard, Virgel and spoke at couple of evening events to some key leaders in the City.

One of the highlights was doing some home visitation with Bernard, the joy of praying with various people in their homes was special beyond words as our heavenly Father showed these precious people how much he cared for them.

Then a quick weekend in Cebu to minister at Hosanna Church with Pastors Lards and Nenning before traveling to Tandag a coastal city in Northern Mindanao and Marihatag some 70 KM south of Tandag for what was to be an amazing week of ministry with the “Our God Reigns” churches.

We started on the Monday evening with a Youth Camp for around 200 young people; I was privileged to be part of an international ministry team comprising Don and Barbara Arney, Daniel and Jessica King, Nicola Tancock and yours truly.

These young people were so, so hungry and as we know the Holy Spirit is attracted to hunger and He responded accordingly with meetings starting at 9 AM in the morning and most nights we were still going well after midnight with young people weeping, laughing, dancing, praying combined with some major power encounters – they left fully charged and committed to being the generation that changes the nation.

One of the many highlights of this Camp was when Pastor Don Arney passed on the baton to this young generation with a reversal of one of their national customs where young people honour their elders by taking their hand and placing it on their forehead – each of us who represented the older generation then took turns in honouring and blessing each young person by taking their hands and placing it on our foreheads – a truly moving experience.

On Thursday morning the young people left and in the afternoon some 100 Pastors and leaders started arriving for a Leaders retreat.

The highlight of these few days was the Saturday where I shared on the Father Love, Nicola shared on the nurturing heart of God and then we saw our heavenly Father do some major healing in the lives of these leaders.

Daniel King then topped off the day with a great message on being passionate for souls and becoming Churches that know how to connect with those who are lost. A one day lesson in “Walking in God’s love and giving it away” perfectly put together by the Holy Spirit."

- Luke Van Da Wielen, Melbourne, Australasia about his trip to the Philippines

Be encouraged, friends! God is on the move.