Devotional | You Are What You Eat


He leans there, one arm on the pulpit. Wearing smart jeans, a classy shirt and curly hair that says “Yeah, I’m growing this out, why not?” He pauses, for thought, or effect, or just because time is worth embracing, and says “Hunger enables perception. You're seldom going to find what you're not hungry for in the Kingdom.”

Bill Johnson is the person many of us charismatics think of when we imagine wisdom. He’s cool. He’s calm. And his sentences are just great.

I want to be like that when I grow up.

My husband and I have been periodically reading through Proverbs. I’m slowly soaking it up. I feel like a sponge in a bath full of water - I can only take in so much and then just float around, wondering what to do with it all. How can I really apply these ancient morals to my life? The incredibly simple. Old-fashioned. But strangely difficult to do. Wisdom; simple, difficult to do. It takes time.

For me, it’s like a hero and a nemesis. Wisdom, the woman that cries out in the street to be heard, to be loved, to be taken home. “I’ll listen.” I say, “I’ll take you with me. I’ll befriend you and embrace you.”

Yet as I read a blog, or come across a new and unfamiliar way of thinking, my opinions, hot and frisky, come to fight her off. And I ask: How can I be wise? Do I think like Wisdom does? Do I have a youthful positivity, or a youthful ignorance? Are they the same?

How long will it take for me to actually become wise? Maybe I won’t quite know, even when I get there.

For now, I’ll keep periodically reading Proverbs. I’ll chew them and swallow and know that they’re good for me, and hope that I become what I eat.