Devotional | The Humble King


Our Beloved invites our heart to remain in rest, “trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture (Psalm 37:3). He invites our heart to remain still, and to listen as He directs us in the waiting. Jesus is yearning for dependence. A hand holding tightly to His alone. It is the obedient heart our Father admires. It is the obedient heart that led Jesus to know where to place His feet. 

What a beautiful bond Jesus and the Father shared. Such a deep trust Jesus carried within His heart. He knew His Father would lead Him well, and it would always be for love. He was steady and obedient even in the midst of suffering for our sake. Jesus’ trust flowed from a place of surrender and submission. His delight was in His Father, “take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). He was not limited in His ministry. He did not place His time here on earth into His own hands and agenda. He understood His times were in the hands of a loving Father, and so He simply “danced” to the sound of the Father’s heartbeat. 

May we live with such a humble heart. A heart wide open, eager to dance to the melody of our Father’s heart.

We are free sons and daughters. You and I are invited to let go of the weight of needing to know. To let go of the fear of tomorrow, to fully enjoy the blessings in the present. With every step, and in every yes, He is creating a story for His glory. It’s all for love, He whispers within our heart.

May we live with hands wide open. Reminding ourselves, this life is not our own. We are pilgrims on a journey venturing into a destiny far greater than what we can comprehend.

With a smile upon His face, He desires our heart. A heart fully in love. A heart fully trusting.

Remember my dear one, your home remains in my heart. You are secure. You are safe. Always. May we rest even in the unknown, and in the middle of transitions, for we are safe. We are cared for by a Father who wants your heart through it all. An open heart eager to freely step out with a “yes Papa, I will go.”

 I say yes, to a humble heart in submission to the One who is perfect in all of His ways. It is in His will that I am free.