Global Outreach Day | Impacting the World Together


Cooperation between churches and denominations in evangelism produces astounding results all over the world, impacting the lives of millions of people every day!

One remarkable example comes from an African nation where the ministry of Every Home for Christ is hard at work doing what it’s done for nearly 70 years — creating opportunities for people to hear the message of salvation in Christ and take guided steps in discipleship.

A few years ago, in this particular country, 20 denominations worked together with the determined intent to reach the whole nation through evangelism and church planting. Their strategy was simple—to pray together, to plan and strategize together and to present a clear gospel message to people home-by-home.

Over a period of only eight years they saw more than 200,000 people of all ages open their hearts to Jesus. To ensure ongoing discipleship for these new believers, they established upwards of 10,000 Christ Group fellowships and churches.

It is simply remarkable what the Church can do to reach lost people with the gospel when praying, planning and going together. Efforts are multiplied and the Church is seen for what it truly is — the Body of Jesus Christ on earth.

But what exactly do we mean by evangelism and reaching lost people?

In its simplest expression evangelism is the announcement of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. It is communicating the exceptional news of Christ’s extraordinary victory over the thief of souls, the killer of hope and the destroyer of human life.

Miraculously, the hearing of this message has the ability of generating faith in a person’s hearts. This is a miracle. As messengers provide the message, God acts upon it by His Spirit with stirrings of hope that can be felt at the very core of one’s being.

This is the entry point and the first step towards discipleship. Unless we are born again, Jesus says, we cannot see the kingdom of God. But Spirit gives birth to spirit making it possible to have a transforming, renewing relationship with God.

We remember this as we go about our good works to help relieve the pain and distress of broken lives. The poor are more than poor, the hungry are more than hungry and the desperate are more than desperate. Without Christ we are all lost and dying in the most complete sense.

Paul the apostle pointedly asked: How will they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? As churches work together to present gospel messages in printed form and reusable media, it literally sows seeds that will, by God’s grace, produce hope and life, placing people on the path to become disciples of Jesus.