We Have a Voice


At the beginning of this year, 2015, I felt led to produce a booklet that would function as a summary of subjects to exhort and encourage Canadian Christians to vote. The booklet is called, We Have a Voice and is written from a non-partisan perspective and seeks to bring a biblical perspective on voting and some important issues that Christians need to be reminded of in Canada. We look at the consequences of a silent voice of righteousness and how we could positively affect our nation if Christians did vote en masse.

It seems that for the majority of Canadian Christians, issues around government are not anywhere close to making their priority list. This may be due to what seems like a ‘circus’ around politics, or the negative press that media paints of government. To add to this, statistically voter turnout has been dropping in Canada without a great deal of difference between the general public compared to those who would say that they are Christians. I don’t think that this should be the case and we, as Christians should be exhorted to change.

There are growing and troubling trends in Canada that would say that a person’s religious beliefs have no business in the public square. Articles in newspapers are showing up which say it’s fine for Christians to do whatever they like on a Sunday morning, but that is where our Christianity should stay, in the four walls of their church buildings. If we as Christians buy into this, we will see Christ reduced to an event that happens on a Sunday morning. Equally, if we shy away from publicly sharing the views of our faith, who will speak-up for the lost? If out of fear our freedom of religion is compromised, how will that affect our children and grandchildren?

For many, the idea of living as a 24/7 Christian affecting every area of our lives is becoming increasingly difficult, as more and more we are seeing the erosion of Christian values and the growing secularization of Canada. As a lawyer defending the possibility of Physician Assisted Suicide recently said in our Supreme Court,

“I know that the Church of Canada will be against Assisted Suicide, but Christians should keep what they believe to themselves and leave secular Canada alone.”

So, do we follow this advice and leave the lost in their ‘lostness’ or do we respond to the call of Christ to be salt and light, in an unobtrusive and intelligent way, to those who are perishing?

Beginning with the basic subject, ‘Should Christians Vote?’ the booklet explores strategies in a non-partisan way, with subjects like:

  • Voting Responsibly
  • Voting Today for the Next Generation
  • Should We Only Vote for a Christian Candidate?
  • Election Laws Pertaining to Charities

Some of the issues that are discussed are:

  • Family Matters
  • Freedom of Religion Matters
  • Life Matters 1 & 2
  • Media Matters

Our freedoms today, that many from past generations have fought and died for, can only be guaranteed to be there tomorrow if we are diligent to defend them today. Christianity is coming under global persecution and if we say nothing, it will continue unchecked. Tomorrow it could be on our own doorstep. We must in our day, not shrink back; we must raise our voice in the public square and declare the relevant gospel of Jesus Christ, the hope of a nation.

You can receive a copy of We Have a Voice by ordering it online at wehaveavoicebook.com, or attwellbooks.com. We have kept the costs to a minimum so consider ordering enough copies for your church. Our goal is to get this booklet out as far and as wide as possible across Canada.