Review | Christ In You


Christ In You by Eric B. Johnson

Chosen Books / April 2015

The idea of "Christ in you" has been a growing revelation since my salvation. As I read and reread Paul's letters to the early church, I begin to see the deep understanding he had of what Christ's death and resurrection meant for us all. Paul's delivery of this message in Galatians 2:19-20 changed my mindset of who I live for and why. Now, this understanding is available to all who believe and long to 'walk out' a Christ-like lifestyle. This is the key concept in Eric Johnson's book, Christ In You.

Eric (son of Bill Johnson) is a sixth generation pastor, and he unravels the mystery of what these three words "Christ in you" mean. He begins by addressing the acceleration of revelation in our generation as we stand on the ceiling of our forefathers. He then traverses through scripture to create a chronological view of relationship with God. Starting with the significance of being created in God's image and His original intent, to co-labour with Him and to be His representative and resemble Him. Eric's use of wisdom and inheritance of revelation explains the purposes of Christ in you and provide a plausible way to walk in the knowledge of Kingdom authority.

Christ In You includes fantastic analogies of God's revelation to Eric, as well as his own stories and applied life lessons. He has a serious look at living like Jesus. He also makes plain his pursuit of the Kingdom of God to be revealed on earth, his position in senior leadership at Bethel Church and what the mandate is over that part of Body of Christ.

One analogy that brought revelation to me was Eric's description of Kingdom mentality. He describes the concept of the Kingdom as being a room with no end and you as a son or daughter of the King have complete access to everything in the room. If some things seem out of your reach or a long way off in the distance, are you prepared to journey towards these things and experience them? As a citizen of the Kingdom, having full access, are you willing to take responsibility and gain authority over the different things you encounter in this room?

The book is written in such a way that it will provide insight for those discovering the "Christ in you" message, and reestablish the foundation for those with prior understanding. It will stir within you a hunger to have the fullness of God invade your life. A deeper understanding of oneness with Christ. And to believe the promises of God by living out what He has intended and designed for each of us with boldness and confidence.

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