Devotional | Growing My Wings


"Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.” (Hosea 2: 14)

I have been in a place of wonder. In a place of yearning to discover what the path ahead of me should be. I had believed I was to have a straight path marked with the directions of what is up the road ahead. I am learning that the path we take, the narrow path, as we follow the leadership of our Good Shepherd may not always appear as clean cut, and straight to the point as we had thought. The process of growing my wings, I shall say, includes crying, confusion, doubt, questions, and yet in the end I always find my security in the safety of the shadow of His wings. As I wonder, as I explore, as I find my feet stepping into the unexpected my heart is secure in knowing that I am covered. I am truly not alone.

I find myself feeling as though I am in woods. One who is exploring a different route, looking to discover what might be around the corner. I am walking with Jesus, and He watches and listens as I ask him, “shall I go there?” “Shall I step here?” His eyes lead me, and I see that He is longing for me to trust Him. To trust that I may take the step forward.

I listen as my mind is filled with “who, what, where, when” and lift my head to hear "all things are possible for those who believe. Be still my dear one." He draws close to my heart. He sits and listens. He is patient, and lets me know that He understands. With gentle eyes, and yet a love like fire, I am captivated to draw closer. You are here with me, I whisper. You are with me in the process. Not on the sideline watching. Not simply as my cheerleader. Rather you walk with me in the dirt, you walk with me in the dark, and hold me back into the light. You smile with affection as I share with you all that I am feeling. You are not upset by my weakness. May I learn to accept again and again that my weakness does not lead you away, and rather compels you closer. 

As we walk into the woods, as we say “yes” to the unknown may we know that there is no greater love that can comfort our hearts as we face the circumstances that come our way. Our Father’s heart we are free to explore. Although we are here on earth, our spirits sit with Him in heavenly places and He invites us to go a little deeper with Him. To expose our heart and step into the wilderness with Him where we discover the beauty of Jesus in a way we had never saw before. One who takes pleasure in the molding. One who is not in a hurry, and rather settles my heart to see that I am free to run without the hesitation of looking back.

Dear friend, may we choose to say yes to the freedom of running with Him by our side, venturing into the woods to then discover how wide, how deep, how long, and how high is love is for us. Let’s go, our wings are growing, and soon we will fly.

"For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure" (Philippians 2:13)

You are His delight.