Update on Catch The Fire USA


“I’m no longer a slave to fear – I am a child of God.” - Jonathan & Melissa Helser.

So often, our lives are spent in a mild or at times a severe state of fear - fear of financial lack, fear of loneliness, fear of physical and emotional pain, fear of rejection, abandonment, and failure. However, we are all Children of God – some of us just don’t know it or haven’t completely manifested it yet. Over the last year, Catch The Fire USA has been traveling to cities across America and the world helping people realize who they are in Christ – immersed in the Father’s Love – a perfect love which casts out all fear (1 John 4:18).

We have seen so many people set free and become fiery infernos of the Holy Spirit’s presence. The reality that they are children of God has had a profound impact on their own identity, families, work places, and communities. When the chains of bondage are broken and physical or emotional healing emerges – they can’t help but share the Love of Jesus – their savior – their healer. 

At a recent event in Virginia Beach, a musician got totally and radically healed. He has traveled all over the world partnering with the Holy Spirit and Jesus in large and small worship events – but still suffered from a chronic and at times debilitating jaw problem. He knew the truth of who he was – but even so, God wanted to give him a special kiss of affection and healing.

When he was 13 years old he fell 10 feet and landed on his face, dislocating his jaw. Over the years as the jaw would pop, click, and lock-up, the cartilage disintegrated leaving nearly bone on bone. 

After he finished the worship set, he briefly left the sanctuary. As he was returning, a word of knowledge was given regarding the Lord wanting to heal someone with a jaw problem. His friends called out to him and he walked in the sanctuary and came up front. As he approached, the presence of God was so strong that he fell to the ground. Before his knees touched the carpet, his jaw was supernaturally and miraculously healed – no more pain to talk, eat, or open his mouth. Without even asking for a miracle that night – his heavenly Father gave him a kiss of love – a complete and finished work of healing - no more fear of pain as he went about his daily life.

God is good - all the time. No matter where we run, He is always running toward us with arms outstretched and a smile on his face – wanting to meet us where we are and propelling us into a place of total freedom – His perfect Love!