“He who joins himself to the Lord is one Spirit with Him.” 1 Corinthians 6:17 CEB 

When we place our faith and trust in Jesus Christ and are born again we become One with Him. Not separate, not just worshiping the awesome Lord Jesus on His Throne in Heaven while we poor wretches fight our spiritual battle here on Earth.

No; FULLY ONE WITH CHRIST. One with the everlasting Anointed One, with His unending supply of the Oil of Anointing ready to be poured out on us, and through us. This is a spiritual reality that Jesus exemplified and modeled for us, and even in His day, people noticed.

When Nicodemus visited Jesus in the night he asked Jesus the source of his ministry, basically who are you, and why can’t us Pharisees do what you do (paraphrasing)?

Jesus answered that we must be born again, and as he began to explain what that meant he referred to a well-known event in the Torah when the people of Israel were caught by their sin of rebelling against God. Snakes were popping up and biting them, and they were literally dying as a result of their sins.

But as always, God had a ready plan of salvation for them, even in their sinful state. Moses was to craft a bronze serpent and hold it up, and all that looked on it would not die, but be saved. Jesus goes so far as to say “Just as Moses lifted up the Bronze serpent, so must the Son of Man be lifted up.”

Jesus identifies himself with the serpent, in that by being lifted up on a pole, and by those dying in their sins looking upon Him, the debt of death that they owed would be paid for them. But Jesus doesn’t just identify with the event involving the serpent, but with the serpent itself. It is made of bronze, melted and poured out in the dusty desert, pounded and beaten into the shape of a crude serpent, looking like the very thing that had bitten them, but saving them instead.

And what is Bronze? It is an alloy, a non-naturally occurring metal created when Tin and Copper are melted together under intense heat. Fully copper, fully tin, now a completely new metal. Jesus comes as fully God and fully man, poured out in the dusty desert of the likeness of sinful flesh, so that ultimately he could be beaten and pounded into the shape of our sin, lifted on a pole, and all who look to him will be saved.

It is the perfect fusion of God and Man that makes this an invitation into Oneness. Since Jesus did it, we can do it. As Paul said, surely we share in his death, AND in His resurrection. We died with Him, were buried with, rose with Him and were Glorified with Him. We share in His story just as he came and shared in our story.

As the Church we are Jesus’ body. He says to Saul, who was killing those who had joined themselves to the Lord, “Why are you persecuting me?” He completely identifies us with Himself. And as we know, if that’s how God sees us then it is Truth on the highest level. But how does this make a difference in the way that we live our lives? Like Nicodemus we can sit at Jesus feet, invited to the table with Him, and completely fail to grasp what is really being served up.

Oneness with Christ changes everything. Bronze can never be reverse engineered to be copper and tin ever again. It is final, fused on a molecular level. Jesus does the same for us. Once we are fused to Him by sharing in His death and resurrection, and by being born again, no longer sons of Adam, but Sons of God, this becomes an open door to relate to ourselves and the world differently. We have open access to God, an eternal open Heaven, because we are actually already seated in Heaven.

This changes how you minister the Gospel, how you invite healing, how you engage the world or even how you order your lunch. Every minute of every day we are living in a new reality that is a fusion of Heaven and Earth. The copper and tin that are in Bronze are still there, but they are new. Copper tarnishes and turns green. Tin tarnishes and turns white. But Bronze doesn’t tarnish.

Jesus Christ never “tarnishes” but by being joined to us He has more than made up for our seemingly infinite ways of covering ourselves in the “rust” of this world. In our Oneness with Christ the corruptible truly has been joined to the incorruptible and the incorruptible has won out. Oneness doesn’t mean we can’t or don’t sin, but it means that when we do we repent and turn to a Savior who is already there with us, not distant.

When ancient Israel sinned in the desert, they cried out to Moses who in turn cried out to God, and God told Moses what Moses, the mere man, should do to save the people. You see, Moses had been invited to represent God as His mouthpiece before Pharaoh, but in his own doubts about himself could not believe that he could effectively do it. So God offers a new plan “You shall appear as God before Pharaoh, and Aaron shall be your prophet.” For the rest of his life Moses stood in the gap and served as God for the people, lifting up the serpent, parting the Red Sea, leading the people out of Egypt. Over and over Moses tries to put the responsibility back on God.

At the Red Sea, Moses tells the people “Don’t be afraid. You need only stand still and see the salvation of God.”
This is code for- OK God, your turn now. I absolve myself of responsibility here, do your stuff.
And God replies “What are you doing standing still? Reach out your rod and get moving forward!”

The problem Moses faced was the same issue we often face. God was inviting him to stand with Him as his mouthpiece, and Moses couldn’t agree. Moses would stretch out His hand and speak, and God would do the rest. Moses couldn’t believe that this was a good idea, had too much doubt in his own ability to speak, and refused. God did not give up, He just changed the terms.

The two factors in the equation are always the same, God and Man. When Moses couldn’t accept the invitation to speak on behalf of God, Moses was disqualifying himself based on his Man-ness. So God tells him “Fine, we’ll put your Man nature to the side then, and you can be God to Pharaoh.” Moses's problem was that he couldn’t see a way for God and Man to operate together and needed one or the other. He had to be God after that. What a high-pressure assignment.Through Jesus we get to see what it may have looked like if Moses had said yes to God’s initial invitation and lived his life in partnership with God. We are invited to do just that, to live our lives in Oneness with Christ. 

Want to perform miracles? Great news, so does the One with whom your life has been joined. Want to change atmospheres and set captives free? Fantastic, so does the One with whom you are forever fused. Oneness with God literally changes everything.