Devotional | Pain de Sucre

This was sent in recently by Nancy, an attendant at the Revival Leadership conference in January 2015. Please send us your testimonies!
Thank you so much for a refreshing conference. I had been so ready to spend time in intimacy with God and experience that afresh to carry me forward. I work as a Pastoral Associate in two Presbyterian churches in Ontario, called Binbrook and Carluke. Last year, we held lenten lunches at our church (community lunches celebrating the season of Lent, leading up to Easter). This year, I felt the Lord calling us to extend an invitation for the lunches to ministerial leaders of other churches in the wider area. Before coming to the conference I approached the ministerial and they were very happy to participate, but all being of smaller congregations the costs to rent a space that was neutral for everyone would be expensive.
In faith I contacted the Fairgrounds to see if they might give us a discount for the 5 weeks to use the hall. A board member explained to me the challenge of picking one charitable cause over another and I completely understood, but left it up to their board meeting on the Wednesday evening.
It's difficult to describe how the Lord works in our spirits, but as I was at the conference, lying on the floor during Heidi Bakers's first evening, the Lord showed me my lack of confidence in the evangelical (ness) of the other pastors and that in my heart, I did not fully trust them to lead the devotionals. Subconciously I was hoping that the Fairgrounds would be out of our reach and we could keep it in our church. I was led to repentance and in turn, I blessed the other pastors. That evening upon checking my email, I was surprised to have a note from the Fairgrounds saying that they wanted us to have the hall for five weeks at the cost of just one. What rejoicing, I submitted to God's will in thankfulness.
The second evening, Heidi lead the conference and I was caught up in God's presence. As Heidi ministered and spoke during Session G, she noted that people would be reminded of God's promises. Nearly every word I have heard over the years came flooding back. Some I felt had already been fulfilled, but God showed me they were ongoing. Heidi then called out that the Lord would reveal our destinies.
I cannot describe the flashing images and impressions God placed in my heart all at once. I was caught up in His presence, recalling again previous prophecies, my current ministry to the churches of Binbrook and Carluke and my desire for teaching and leading people into a deeper identity with Christ; all the while I was having pictures of the village of Binbrook and the ministerial work. While in this space, Heidi called out the name 'Nancy' and proceeded with a prophetic word
My name is Nancy, however, afterward a friend noted that Heidi was likely praying over another Nancy. But, I was so confident that the prophetic word fitted with God's work in my heart at that exact time, so I said to my friend that God would surely provide a tangible sign tonight if that word was also for me. Upon checking my email later, a Fairgrounds board member said they had personally felt called to pay the cost of the rental effectively rendering the hall free of charge for us to use.
We began Lenten lunches the afternoon of March 4th. We had no idea how many, if any people would come. However, we remained confident of the Lord's hand and chose only to be obedient to His leading and trust His Holy Spirit to do the rest. For this community these lunches and the unity between churches was a real stretch. But the various churches have pulled through! We have met so many people. The first week, we had 15 people attend, with 6 of them working in the kitchen. The second week we doubled as people brought more friends from their churches, but also several neighbours. The response so far has been very positive. The Fairgrounds Board has been exceptionally supportive. They set up and take down all the tables and chairs for us each week.
Most notable is the gelling of the ministerial leaders. As a result we already have plans for additional ecumenical work in the coming months. God is incredibly good!
- Nancy Mostert