Review | Coheir: How to Claim Your Inheritance

Seeing God’s Kingdom on earth is a possibility for EVERY believer who truly knows their identity and who their Father is. In this book Diego Pineda seeks to call the believer to that place where they can truly live out all they’re called to be and do. He covers topics such as our identity and authority as heirs as well as exploring some key components of our inheritance both individually and corporately. Diego and his wife Diana are currently planting a Catch The Fire church in Medellin, Colombia.
Every point in this book is thoroughly researched and scripturally supported and his personal testimonies raise faith and engage the reader. He uses easy-to-read language that makes it easy for someone new to these concepts to truly grasp their biblical position as an heir. The focus of this book is very much calling people into their identity as heirs and equipping them to walk out their inheritance so as well as helpful testimonies, teaching illustrations and examples, the author has included some helpful reflective questions for journaling and some very practical tips for steps to take to begin living out the things we’re called to. As well as drawing on personal revelation and scripture, the author also draws from relevant and exciting teaching from classics such as Derek Prince. Overall the book leaves the reader feeling encouraged and excited by our call and empowered to live it out. 
God is undoubtedly doing something in the body of Christ at the moment, stirring people to know and live out their inheritance as his sons and daughters. Several new books are being published on this as people are sharing the revelation they’ve experienced and excitement is rising for the possibilities when we live as sons and daughters. This book is a concise, scripturally sound and helpful one for any believer wanting to affirm or discover who they are and what they’re called to and to see it manifest in their own lives.
“Coheir” is available from Attwell Books and Amazon.
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