Breaking News: Crisis In Zinder, Niger


*** please note:  We've been advised to limit the details discussed to ensure the safety of those who are in hiding ***  PLEASE PRAY!

We've just received news from a friend that the violence has spilled over in Zinder, Niger Republic in West Africa.

There was a demonstartion this morning where muslims gathered to protest against the non-islamic influence. The result of the protest was that a wild crowd attacked all the churches in Zinder (the second largest city). A mission's headquarters in Niger, including church, offices, dormatory and bible school has been set on fire. All the missions properties and buildings are now burning. All other churches are also reported burning.

The crowds are shouting "Kill the infidels, Kill the Christians". All Christians in the whole province are in great danger and most Christians have fled from Zinder. Some missionaries in Zinder are in hiding. Christian properties and private homes of Christians are burning. 

We are sending this to all our friends to ask you to pray urgently for all our Christian brothers and sisters in Zinder, that the Father will protect them and do a great miracle. Please also pray that the Father will use this situation to bring about the greatest harvest in the history of Niger.

Thank you for your prayers.

Much love Duncan & Kate Smith