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Camp Freshwind Testimonies 

Each summer we host our Camp Freshwind which is for all of our youth. It's a time for them to get away from distractions, technology and their normal world. A time to set aside your day to having fun, and pressing into more of God. Below is just a few of the many testimonies that happen this last summer, and reminds us to look forward to a hungry generation that will go further than we have ever gone.

Male Camper, Grade 8

When I was worshipping at camp, I was trying to pray to God because I was in pain in my arms and legs. Later I was healed and I started to cry, because I was happy and thankful. That great testimony I had was on Thursday, August 28, 2014.My next testimony is when I was at the campfire and I was sitting beside another camper. I saw that he seemed upset, and I asked “Are you okay?” Then he said ‘no’ and he shared that when God is not with him, he is happy and when God is with him, he’s not happy. He also shared that the main problem was that he wanted God to talk to him because he needs help. I told this camper, “I will pray for you and help you”. So I tried helping and praying. The next day I asked him how he was, then he said “I feel great, thank you”. So the testimony is that I was praying and helping my friend at camp.

Candace Minott (Age 13, Grade 8)

All my life I have struggled with feeling alone. I felt that no one really cared because of many negative experiences. This is my first time at camp and now I feel like a new person. I feel all those burdens of rage, fear, and depression have lifted from me, and I am ready to move forward in my life.

Rebekah Mitchell (Age 13, Grade 9)

When I went to camp, I felt like I couldn’t be completely myself because I thought that other people might think something bad about me. During worship I felt God’s peace come upon me and the weight I was feeling came off my shoulders. Because of God’s love and peace, I feel free to be truly who I am.

Anessa D’Souza (Age 12, Grade 7)

I came to camp and I thought God wasn’t real. I had self-esteem problems and I thought I wouldn’t make friends. But with God’s help, I broke free from that. I feel like a new person now!

Male Camper, Age 18 (Graduated)

I came to camp struggling with self-doubt and a pornography addiction. During a worship service, everyone received healing and I was set free. I now have a desire to change the way I have lived my life so that I serve Jesus everyday. Thank you Lord!

Hannah Crous (Age 16, Grade 12)

Before I came to camp, I felt unloved, abandoned, and misunderstood. I doubted God’s existence. But at camp, God touched me. He came to me and healed my broken heart. I now feel peaceful and euphoric, having felt God’s love for me.

Anonymous (Age 17)

I came with a lot of anger at myself and emotional pain. At camp, God started giving me my voice back and a joy in my heart that I haven’t felt for awhile.

Female Camper, Grade 7

When I first arrived at camp, my walk with God was off path, but during camp my heart came back in line during a series of miracles. When my stomach hurt, during chapel it got healed. When my nose was stuffed, the airways cleared, and not only that, I witnessed many more miracles as well. All in all camp has really helped my connection with God! Thank you Camp Freshwind!

CK (Clarissa) (Age 12, Grade 7)

Before camp, I didn’t really praise God but then I went to camp and I learned a lot about God. I praised Him more and better than before. It felt really good to sing to Him and listen to Him. It also felt really awesome to praise Him like never before!

Walter Hildebrandt (Age 12, Grade 8)

I came to camp with difficulty hearing God’s voice. Then God opened up my heart and He put on my heart to get baptized. Now I feel God’s presence!

Benjamin (Age 12, Grade 7)

My life has been changed because when I came to camp, I had a hard time with worship and receiving God!

Santiago (Age 12, Grade 7)

When I came to camp, I had a pain in my right knee. One night, we were having a healing session and my knee got prayed for. It has progressively been getting better since!

Female Camper, Grade 9

Before camp, I was struggling with knowing what I should do about anything. I felt lost. During camp, God highlighted areas in my life that needed work. Through the leaders, who are all incredible role models, I learned about being a revivalist, the importance of purity, and more. Now I feel prepared for the next year and I have a determination to stay on track.

Female Camper, Grade 10

One night at camp, we had a time of prophesying. I love being prophesied over, and so I was eager to jump up in line. But the first word Tammy said brought tears to my eyes. Comparison. Tammy went on to elaborate more and for everything she said, a memory came to mind from years ago, months ago, weeks ago, and even that very day. I have never cried so much from a prophecy. A lot of things were brought to the surface, and I could see where I had compared myself to another and how that had forced me to be someone I’m not. The Lord just touched me then and showed me how I am beautiful for who I am, and not for being another person.

Susanna Lee (Age 14, Grade 10)

I came to camp just wanting to feel God really tangibly and physically. I didn’t think I was struggling with anything. At camp though, I realized I didn’t feel truly important as God’s child. I feel like I had to serve God to be touched by Him. I didn’t end up feeling Him like I thought I would - I thought I would be pushed more forcefully, but I felt something just as good. I felt His peace and His will for me to just be His loving daughter, not a servant. I am now proud to call God my daddy.

Livia Magalhaes (Age 14, Grade 9)

When I first came to camp, I was in a place that I would only talk to God when my parents told me to. But after this wonderful experience, I feel something in me that I’ve never felt before - the presence of God! I’m very grateful I came here!

Ginny Park (Age 14)

Before I attended Camp Freshwind, I felt unloved by most of my close peers and I felt that I was a mistake and I landed on the Earth for no reason. During camp I still felt the same way, but one night the Holy Spirit just blasted the chapel and healings occurred every second. The leaders prayed for physical and spiritual pain. They started praying for the unloved and the Holy Spirit touched my heart and I cried out for God. No one ever said “I love you” to me and to hear God say that to me that night, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt so loved and I knew God was and is always with me. Then I knew I had to get baptized so that my old side, who was lonely and unloved, would be buried and gone. After getting baptized, I want to know more about Jesus and I feel more loved and worthy. I know that God has a purpose for me and He will never stop loving me.

Female Camper, Grade 10

I came to youth camp depressed and also struggling with anxiety. In June, I tried taking my life, by taking 10 pills and ended up staying at the hospital for about a week. As August came, I decided that it was a great idea to go to Camp Freshwind. I was confused, lost, and mad at myself for not knowing who I was, or who God is. I always had negative thoughts and I soon realized that I needed to open my eyes and trust God with everything. I got baptized and let go of every negative thing in myself. I am now happy and proud of myself. Youth Camp will always be the best experience of my life.

Female Camper, Grade 11

Before I came to camp, my relationship with Daddy God wasn’t good. It was before, but I started to stop hearing His voice and I became depressed again. After going to camp, I realized God was the only one I needed and that His love was the best thing ever. I started hearing Him again all of a sudden and our relationship was restored. I’m happier now and I gave my life to God.

Sara Mendonca (Age 16, Grade 12)

Before Camp Freshwind, I had many walls up around my heart. They were walls of shame, pain, lies, failure, and rejection. However, one night at worship God set me free! He broke all my walls and gave me love, attention, and a heart ready to serve and accept Him. Camp Freshwind is a place God really met me in a way like never before.

Female Camper, Grade 9

Before I came to camp, I was struggling with hearing what God wanted to hear. But now I can feel His presence, hear His voice, and see how much He loves me!


Before camp, I was struggling with a lot of things. Camp has made me closer to the One who loves me the most. It made me realize that I do have a plan which God will lead me to. I know that this testimony isn’t a lot, but so much has happened which could take up a whole page if I had the time.

Paolo Vidal (Age 18, Graduated)

This was my last year of Camp Freshwind, my first being back in 2009 when I was 13 years old. Since then, God always showed up and did something new in my life. This year, God boosted my confidence in practical ministry. I’ve been preaching since I was a little kid, yet was always too afraid to try and cast out demons or even pray for healing. This fear came from me not wanting to risk being embarrassed and discredited as a future evangelist. At camp, God used me to physically and spiritually heal more people than I ever had before. Greater things are yet to come! To God be all the glory!

Female Camper, Grade 12

I came to camp carrying a lot of burdens. I felt like I wasn’t free to speak my mind. I had a really big problem with speaking out loud. Now through prayer and the counsel of my leaders and friends, I made it at this camp. I feel like I am rid of this hindrance. I now know that God has blessed me with boldness and I now know that He will give me the words I need to say whenever I am put in a situation where I need to speak in public.

Male Camper, Grade 11

I came to camp feeling distant from God, and He showed me a new level of joy!

Gloria Do (Age 15, Grade 11)

I came to camp feeling very lost. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up and it was time to decide soon. As I worshipped, I encountered God and He gave me a picture of thousands of people, mostly children, and I was standing on a stage preaching to children all over the world. One of the counselors, Leslie, prophesied over me and also confirmed that I am called to be a preacher. Although I had thought of other plans to do, I trust in God. I’m super excited for what He has in store for me!

Etanaiah Bradbury (Age 15, Grade 11)

I came to Camp Freshwind not knowing precisely what God had called me to. At chapel one night, God told me, through a leader, that I was called to ministry in missions around the world and confirmed my dream of ministering to others through worship!

Male Camper, Grade 10

At camp I was playing a game and water went far down my ear. It was in my ear for about 30 minutes, so I decided to pray for my ear.Suddenly the water just started to go and I could hear. 

Nicolaus Parks (Age 15, Grade 10)

I came to camp not expecting anything to happen. However, every worship time I felt pushed towards having a closer relationship with God. Thanks to camp and God’s presence here with these warm people, I have declared to make this a new year in my life. Coming all this way for just one week has helped me drastically in my life! Thank you Camp Freshwind!

Male Camper, Grade 10

I came to camp with an addiction and I am leaving set free. I give God all the praise and glory. During worship, someone talked to me about my addiction and I felt God’s love and acceptance. Now I feel lighter and filled up with more of His Spirit. Thank you Jesus!

Female Camper, Grade 10

I came to camp this year and I had a lot of anxiety, and fear of death and disease. I had this for about 3 years, but in the last year it has gotten worse, because my dad died of cancer. I also felt abandoned and rejected. One night during worship, Lucas said he felt like there was someone who felt scared the whole time they were at camp and it was me. He told me to come to the front and Mel and Tammy prayed for me. It was amazing. I felt like God was truly here for me because He acknowledged my pain through others. A couple nights later, I asked God ,“Why do you always tell me I’m going to overcome fear, then nothing happens?” and He gave me a vision. In the vision I saw many situations I had in my life, but Jesus was beside me in every situation and I felt overjoyed and peaceful. I’ve been transformed during camp.

Female Camper, Grade 10

I came to camp with hopes of getting closer with God. For a long time, I’ve been trying to have a deeper and stronger relationship with God. Midway through the week, it really clicked in that for me to truly live my life for Him, I had to take a step forward. So I did. I felt refreshed. I have a strong craving for Him like I’ve never had before. I’m ready to get back home and live my life hand-in-hand with Him. I really feel like God has put this hunger in my heart at the right time. I feel blessed to have come here, and I can truly say that my life has forever been changed at camp.

Sharon F. Seldow (Age 13, Grade 8)

When I came to camp, I really felt like I wasn’t loved and I had a lot of hurt towards my heart. Also, I had a lot of drama with friends that made me feel like I had nothing and nobody. Now that I am here at this amazing camp, it made me realize how much God loves me. Was I planned to be here, no, but guess what? Our Daddy above led me here. I really feel transformed and moved through God. I am so thankful to be at this camp right now.


Before I came to camp, I had trouble believing in what God can do and who He is. I had trouble remembering to pray and worship outside of church in my free time. After camp, God has completely renewed my mind and revealed so much to me about Him and what He can really do. I now feel the desire to spend time with Him worshipping, praying, and just talking to Him.

Female Camper, Grade 11

Coming into camp, I had a fear of man. I would tell myself that I would tell people about Jesus once I was out of high school. I thought God wouldn’t need me to evangelize until I was out of high school and into the “real world”. The reality is my generation desperately needs Jesus to fill the voids that they fill with drugs, alcohol, or anything that makes them happy. The devil has been putting fear into my life and other youth, because He knows my generation is so powerful and will use the ceilings of those before us as our basement floor. This week God completely set me free of fear and put truth in my heart. The truth is that I am a revivalist. It is my job to bring revival. It is my job to gain back ground the devil has stolen and there is nothing the devil can do to stop me.