Devotional | In a Moment


Genesis 37 - 41 NIV

When I look at the life of Joseph, I am reminded that things can change in a moment. In just one day, Joseph went from obscurity to notoriety and honor. He went from years of unjust imprisonment to a position in charge of the whole country of Egypt. That’s a huge leap! 

Joseph could have wallowed in misery, feeling sorry for himself in prison, where no one but God could really see him for who he was. He knew who God had called him to be. He knew God had great things for His life. He knew he was called to lead and that people, even his own family members, would bow before him. God gave Joseph this dream at a young age.

But, instead of walking into that dream immediately and effortlessly, God had to bring him through many years of humbling, training and character building. God had to see if he could be faithful in the little things.

Even when being sold into slavery, falsely accused, and left for dead in prison, Joseph did not fail to trust and serve his God faithfully. He worked with excellence in all that he did and God was with him, even in prison. The prison guard himself saw something special in Joseph and gave him responsibility over all the prisoners.

Joseph was in prison for years and I’m sure in that circumstance most of us would have been tempted to give up on life, let alone the dreams that God has given us. But just when it looked like Joseph would be forgotten forever, God broke through. Things changed in a moment! And what a huge change it was! All those dreams, those things God had spoken over his life, came to pass like a huge bang!

While in prison, two fellow prisoners had dreams, which Joseph was able to interpret. This resulted in Joseph eventually interpreting dreams for Pharaoh. No one else was able to interpret these dreams and because Pharaoh saw that God was with Joseph, giving him wisdom and ability, he put him in charge of the entire country. Just like that. In one moment!

This should give us hope. How many of us have dreams that seem like they will never come to pass? How many of us feel like we are in a place opposite to where God has called us to be? How many of us feel like we are hidden and in a place of obscurity?

We must not give up hope. It can all change in a moment, in a day. The breakthrough is coming. Keep pressing through. Keep being faithful in the little things.

You may think no one notices, but God does. He looks for those who are faithful to Him even when no one sees. He looks for the humble. Those are the ones He promotes, when the time is right, when we are ready. He won’t allow us to step into things before the time is right, before our hearts are right and the people to whom he has called us to minister to are ready.

This is so encouraging. We can trust in Him. We can have confidence that as we stay faithful to Him behind the scenes, and as we faithfully serve Him in the little things, then when the time is right, we will step into all that God has for us.

Be ready! It will happen soon! It only takes a moment!