Devotional | A Listening Ear


"From His dwelling place He watches all who live on earth - He who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.” (Psalm 33: 14 - 15 NIV)

The sun has risen and the sky is dusted with baby blue and yellow. I am drawn to the bright light. My eyes are opened to see the mercy that is new every morning. I focus on my surroundings, observing the beauty of God’s smiling face in the new day. Our Beloved is consistent, His eyes are never removed from ours. He is deeply in love with us, eager to listen, with an ear always inclined to our voice. As we look upon creation, our eyes are focused on the beauty of who He is.

But are our ears listening to His voice?

Simply through the beauty of a summer morning, the Lord actually declares who He is. But how quick we are to move onto the next thing. Our Father is desiring to share His heart with us, patiently waiting so that we may hear what He is wanting to share.

I admire the way He shares with us. He does not withhold Himself and He does not hide Himself in such a way that He cannot be found. His mystery is captivating, and it is through the Spirit that we can grow in the knowledge of who He is. I admit, I am a person of routine and I do like schedules. I enjoy having things organized and prepared well. This isn’t necessarily something negative, however it is easy to become too comfortable.

Our Father delights in speaking to us every minute and moment of the day. Recently, I have felt Holy Spirit reminding me to put away what distracts me from hearing Him. (This just might be the schedules and/or the check lists.) Even throughout the mundane, I long to have a heart that hears my Father speak. While I am locking my door, making my bed, and putting on my shoes, I desire to hear Him speak. I desire a heart whose eyes are focused and ears are open.

Adopting an open heart and a listening ear begins with being still. God’s heart is filled with excitement and the desire to share His deepest dreams with His children. We are not far from knowing what He hopes to release through us. Do you truly know what He is speaking, what His heart is longing for? It’s in fellowship with Him, and living as His companion that, I believe, we will better comprehend His will and that it will be done on earth as it is in heaven.