Book Review | The Power of Thanksgiving by Fred and Sharon Wright


Catch The Fire Books | 2013

I have a confession to make. Thanksgiving does not come naturally to me. It simply isn’t my habit to give thanks, at least, not for those little daily blessings so mundane as to be beneath my notice: food, clothes, central heating- you know the drill. It seems almost a chore to acknowledge God at work in such fiddly details.

Yes, in many ways, I needed to read this book.

‘The Power of Thanksgiving’ unearths the supernatural, miraculous, even mysterious, and oh so extraordinary work that gratitude weaves upon any and all situations. This topic is anything but humdrum. Indeed, Fred and Sharon Wright clearly demonstrate that thankfulness is, in fact, a doorway to the miraculous, and an essential component to the lifestyle of faith.

By combining Biblical examples of thanksgiving with their own personal stories and testimonies, Fred and Sharon have made this both an insightful and relatable book. I was inspired by the simple and yet profound revelations contained within its pages. In particular, the link between thankfulness and physical and emotional healing, of which I was previously unaware. Also, the process described of thanking God, not simply for those things that He has already done, but for that which He is about to do, as a means to accessing the gift of faith.

This book is a powerful antidote to the spirit of the age, with its creeds of entitlement, consumerism and greed. I would highly recommend it as a fantastic tool to propel the reader into a lifestyle of faith, thanksgiving and joy. The principles it presents are truly life changing and, speaking from personal experience, it is guaranteed to refresh and reinvigorate this subject for any who read it. 

The Power of Thanksgiving is available from Attwell Books and Amazon.