Mission Series | Bolivia


Testimonies of transformation in South America, written by Jeremy and Connie Sinnott and Maria Bergner.

We, together with a Catch The Fire team of eight others, went on a mission trip to Bolivia from February 24th to March 5th, 2014, with the final destination of Samaipata, in the mountains of Bolivia about 120 kilometers away from the city of Santa Cruz. The surroundings were rustic: a rushing river had to be crossed by car in order to get into the campgrounds where the school was held.

Samaipata was the background for an International School of Leaders. Five days of training and equipping brought joy, refreshment and freedom to the friendly Bolivian pastors, leaders and missionaries who came from numerous different cities to take part; their faces reflected day by day the transformation that God brought to their lives.

"The Lord... gave them fresh vision, new direction and a new way to deal with situations that they were facing."

It was so exciting to introduce these people to themes like: hearing God's voice, sonship, the father heart of God, the importance of forgiveness and others. I could sense their hungry hearts as they received these revelations for the first time, and the satisfaction that this brought to God.

One missionary and his wife from the city of Sucre, who had arrived at the school burned out and discouraged, received revelations from the Lord, which gave them fresh vision, new direction and a new way to deal with situations that they were facing!

"We saw her abandoned to the Lord, powerfully encountering Him on the dirt floor of the camp."

One pastor's wife, previously so quiet and dignified, was changed day by day as God continued to touch her heart in a powerful way. By the end of the week, we saw her abandoned to the Lord, powerfully encountering Him on the dirt floor of the camp. We found out later that her husband led the whole pastoral network of the large city of Santa Cruz, and had done so for 10 years!

"God has started something."

Through this encounter, the Lord has opened the doors for another International School of Leaders, this time with a network of about 300 pastors in the city of Santa Cruz. We are so excited to be going back to do this school in January of 2015! Can you imagine the impact to the Christian community in that city and country if its pastors are transformed in the Father's love and have their hearts healed?

The hand of God is upon Bolivia. God has started something through the International School of Leaders that we know will be part of His plan to prepare the way for a revival that will sweep through this country.