Book Review | Consumed By Love by Duncan Smith


Catch The Fire Books | January 2014

'Consumed By Love’ takes the reader on a journey, that Duncan Smith has woven into a beautiful tapestry. The book brings together testimonies from his life, revelations concerning oneness with Christ Jesus, as well as biblical examples to ensure one's heart grasps the powerful truths he shares. The connections highlighted between Old Testament passages, and the life of Christ and what he achieved, are intriguing and inviting.

For someone who wants to further understand their place on this earth, and their worth in the eyes of God, this book is to be highly recommended. Throughout, Duncan breaks down his revelations providing a firm biblical foundation for each. His testimonies encourage and inspire the reader to seek beyond that which they know of the Trinity, and leave them challenged to take their relationship with the Godhead to a whole new level.

Duncan shares moments in which he found God at the center of difficult circumstances, the result of choosing to trust in the midst of trouble. These glimpses of Duncan’s journey will leave one in awe of the greatness of Father God. He is someone who has learned to trust fully and to dream big, and this becomes increasingly evident throughout the book. Duncan’s passion for Christ seeps through the pages, infecting the reader with this desire for more: more miracles; more signs; more wonders; and more of Jesus.

Challenging the reader to truly step into the ministry that Jesus has opened up for us through His sacrifice on the cross, Duncan inspires hunger to dig deeper. He examines the reality from which most of the church lives, and challenges us to see beyond this to that which Jesus has made available. He leaves the reader curious for God. You will finish this novel desiring to draw closer to Jesus. Duncan shows us that we not only have God the Father, but also Jesus our Groom and Holy Spirit our Helper cheering us on to victory.

Through an examination of the different facets of love the Trinity has showered upon us, and the authority that has been placed within us, Duncan hands the reader an invitation to explore what they are truly capable of through Christ. Consumed By Love is a faith building, self-empowering novel that will leave the reader edified and challenged to seek out the fullness of the revelation it contains.

Consumed By Love is available from Attwell Books and Amazon.