Devotional | Love Poured Out


"No one has ever seen God. But if we love one another, God lives in us, and His love is made complete in us.” 1 John 4:12 NIV

One Saturday morning, a few of my friends and I decided to go on an adventure with Jesus. Our first stop was Tim Horton’s to pick up some cups of coffee to share with the homeless men and woman we would encounter. We desired simply to spend time with them and offer free coffee. My heart comes alive as I witness Jesus making Himself known in simple and yet meaningful ways.

Love is the key to reaching the hearts of the hurting, the lonely and the rejected. Love causes walls to crumble and the grace of God to be poured out. We have been given the privilege to love without expectation. The overflow of love in our hearts begins with our choice to lean upon the beloved one: Jesus, the man who selflessly poured out His life, and who motivates us to move in love and to radiate His beauty among those who have not yet seen Him. He willingly reveals Himself through obedient and yielded hearts. What I admire most is the gentleness of Jesus. Love is not forceful, rather love is patient and will wait. Love waits upon the one who may not yet be ready to step forward just yet. Love waits, and yet, whilst waiting, actively pursues.

During our adventure with Jesus, we were led to a park. My heart was pulled towards one of the women I saw sitting there with a few of her friends. As I approached her, I could feel Jesus’ heart burning with the desire to reveal to her, her worth. After introducing myself and asking if she would like coffee, I asked if I may sit down next to her. She said, yes, and, as I sat down, I placed my hand gently behind her back and began to share with her what I felt Jesus wanted her to know. “You are beautiful, and loved.” As I was speaking these words over her, she began to open her heart. I could see her deep desire for love. With tears in her eyes she shared with me stories of her childhood. I could feel Holy Spirit pulling her heart closer to His, as she was willing to be open and real. I asked if I could share Jesus with her, and I looked her in the eye and explained that she was new creation in Him, and He had a destiny for her life. She nodded. Holy Spirit had planted a seed into her heart that afternoon.

I sat with her for about an hour, simply speaking words of encouragement as I listened to what Jesus was wanting to share with her. Her eyes began to sparkle with hope as I would smile at her repeating, “You are loved.” Before it was time for me to leave, I hugged her, and, as I stood up, she said these words that greatly impacted my heart, "I have never met someone who showed me the real Jesus like you did." I paused, and responded with a smile saying, “That is because you are so deserving of His love.” My heart was overwhelmed with the beauty of our beloved. He is the only one who has the power of speaking words that can break past even the thickest of walls. The world is searching and longing for real love, a love that does not push, but a love that is patient. Let’s lavish individuals with the love we have first received from the one who does not give up, and continuously pursues.