Devotional | Secure in His Love


“Mercy triumphs over judgment.” (James 2:13 NIV)

Mercy is the fragrance of Jesus poured out willingly upon those who were once undeserving. Jesus no longer sees us as sin. He does not define us by our own limitations and insecurities, rather, in love, He is whispering, “you can do it.” The truth is, I need Him. I cannot run this race, and I have not run this race, simply through relying on my own will and strength to lead me. Jesus is the one who leads me to Himself. That’s an odd sounding statement, isn’t it? In reality though, Jesus Himself is the truth and light therefore He is the one we must follow, regardless of our own understanding. We cannot make ourselves into anything. God, in His mercy, is the hand that shapes us.

Mercy is a gift. Jesus Himself demonstrated to us the reality of what mercy looks like, birthing a new hope within us. In the past, I would struggle with self-condemnation. I feared making mistakes and so I would stay far away from any risky circumstances that I felt I would not be good enough to complete. That is a BIG FAT LIE! In believing I was not ‘good enough’, I was refusing to trust in the one who says that I am made whole and complete in Him. Fear has a way of keeping us from our calling, and linked to fear, is shame. Shame comes from a place of condemnation.

Living under the yoke of self–condemnation and judgment is not the Father’s will for our lives. If we see ourselves through eyes of judgement, fixated upon our failings and limitations, we have not fully accepted mercy in our hearts. We are believing the opposite of the truth, which clearly states that “mercy triumphs over judgment.” In His mercy, the Father is shaping and molding us into the image of His son, and He does so with delight and pure love.