Testimony | Healing on the Streets of Toronto


A testimony of God’s miraculous power on display. 

The night was prophetic evangelism for our outreach team, ‘the Ninja Turtles’. We asked God for clues about who to speak to before we went to our destination: Cloverdale Mall. Our group that night was made up of 14 people, so we split everyone into groups of 2 and 3. I partnered up with a girl called Viktoria.

The clue on my list that was relevant was, “Pushing a stroller wearing pink and yellow” and the clue on Viktoria’s list that applied was, “ Young lady with a baby stroller, battling/having a hard time...”

We were standing near the food court when the woman in the video, Naomi, walked by. I remembered right away the word that God had given me, so I ran after her and explained that we had just received a clue about her. She was really friendly and open from the get-go. We asked her if she had pain in her body, and she said her knees were bothering her. Her 21 month old son, Max, was running around and didn’t like being in his stroller. Nonetheless, she was willing enough to put him in the stroller while we prayed for her knees. Viktoria prayed for her, and the pain left instantly. She couldn’t believe it!

We continued talking. At one point, she asked what we wanted in return for the healing.... she thought we were trying to promote something or get money! We explained to her our only motive was love, and she was completely floored. She then began to open up about some of the struggles in her life, and how she was worried about a few things (this is where Viktoria’s clue came into play). So Viktoria wound up praying for her about these things, while I played with/distracted her son so that he wouldn’t want to leave his stroller. By the end of that prayer, she was bawling. It was actually after this that I recorded this video, which is why she is so visibly touched and emotional.