Devotional | Journeying with Jesus


“The Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6b NIV)

Recently, I felt Holy Spirit challenge me to not settle in my comfort zone. How easy it is for us to remain comfortable within our environment and even in our relationship with Jesus. The Father is moved by our frail love, and He enjoys the time we give to Him as we choose to sit at His feet, and listen to His words of affirmation. Even a simple gaze towards Him, stirs His kind heart; the Father rejoices over our affections. However, He is inviting us to live from a place of great expectation. There is more!

Are you looking ahead?

Not long ago, I was reading through the various journals that I have accumulated over the past eight years, since I first began journaling. As I was reading through my journal entries with the Lord, I giggled at the way I had responded to the Father and the questions I had asked. Yet Jesus was always so patient in His responses to me. He was looking ahead. He saw the fruit and beauty hidden within my heart long before I knew where my prayers and questions would lead me. He declared words of comfort over me, even though I would not always accept the truth He wanted me to receive. In His faithfulness, He was committed to me. He looked past the way I saw myself, and saw my heart through the eyes of a loving and patient friend. Jesus recognized my desire for Him.

The Lord is committed to us on our journey. Jesus is our friend, He loves to walk through life with us, continuing to listen to us even when we do not acknowledge our potential. His gaze is steady, focused on our hearts. He is willing to take time to remind us of who we are when we forget for ourselves. I admit that I do forget, and I often find myself running in circles trying to figure out why I am feeling so discouraged. Even as we flap and flutter, our Beloved one waits with His heart opened.

What a comfort it brings me knowing that I can rest in the steady love of someone who is not going to give up on me. Jesus is not leaving my side. He reminded me of this recently, stating, “you are my dear one, whom I keep close to my side and in my heart.”

Within our hearts we have a living hope, and truly a beautiful inheritance. Let’s decide to shift our focus from what is temporary, onto what is ahead. There is more. Jesus is committed to you and He is not leaving your side. He is passionate about your desires and longs to walk in partnership with you. If you allow Him, Jesus will willingly lead you in His perfect love.