The Next Wave | A Call to Come Up Higher


This is a recording of a prophetic dream I had on January 9th and 10th (9th at night and 10th in the morning)

I had this dream on repeat all night. I had the ability to say, "Stop!", and freeze frame the dream so that I could look closer at each part if I wanted to. Even after waking up, I could go straight back into the dream. This is not normal for me! I must have dreamed it anywhere from 15 to 30 times.

I saw a picture of a large tidal wave (like a tsunami wave) coming in towards the shore. It was displacing the water in front of it so that it looked as if it was pushing another smaller wave in front. Then, a medium-sized wave came up from the shore towards the big wave. When they met, they crashed together and went straight up into the air. Then each wave went backwards partially. Some of the water went straight down to create what looked like a swirling water heart. The water swirled at the bottom moving, moving, moving, and then I heard the Lord speak a word that was then physically stamped over the heart. The word changed throughout the dream sequence. It was alternately, "Compelled", "Championed","Christ" and "Compassion". (all 'c' words).

Then I heard the Lord speak and say, "if you won't come up higher, you will be smashed against the rock".

That may sound mean, but I had had a dream when I first moved to Toronto 10 years ago that there was a cliff (rock) and a massive tidal wave came and crashed against it. There were people at different spots on the rock, some at the bottom, some half way up and some on the top. The people on the top were washed over with the water and it was lovely, the people who were half way were smashed against the rock, and the people at the bottom tried to run but the water still got them and washed them away. I understood that the people half way up were not quite committed but were half in. If they wouldn't choose to ‘come up higher’, they would be broken on the Rock, the Cornerstone. I feel that that represents being overwhelmed with God's presence causing extreme brokenness in them; brokenness must come before healing.