The Next Wave | A Harvest of Multitudes


“I am here. I am here. I am here. Am I not He who sits in the heavens and laughs at the plans of men? Has it not already been established from time of old that My king would be established on His holy mountain? I say to you, you thought My movement has begun, I tell you, it has yet to begin. You have seen nothing, you have seen nothing, you have seen nothing yet! This is just a preparation. You thought the seed is going out amongst the nations of the earth, I tell you that hasn’t even begun. I’m just growing up a plant. My rains are coming to grow up a plant that will grow and grow and grow and then come to the place of seed. You thought you felt wind, it has been nothing! My wind shames the greatest hurricanes. My wind shames the greatest tornados. My rain and My wind wreak greater, greater, greater havoc and destruction on the realm of the enemy than any natural thing you have seen. And My wind will blow on this plant and the seeds will go forth to the nations of the earth and bring forth the greatest harvest written page or aural tongue has ever declared in the nations. Give Me glory!"