The Next Wave: Working The Ground


Before the Anniversary Week I felt the Holy Spirit was showing me a perspective that may be helpful.

I could see the church and the work that had been done over the years like one of the organic farms. I felt God was saying that Catch The Fire had cultivated the ground well for many years but over the years the harvest had been variable sometimes great harvest other times lots of hard work and a small harvest.

In Gardening terms, good ground work is vital to maximise the harvest but the weather determines what is possible in any season. The key for us is that the hard work that has gone into cultivating the ground. I believe this is the whole area of stewarding and consistently creating the place for God, developing worship and faith, the training of people and other long term things.

I believe this ground work is key for the next season because the ground is well prepared I believe this will lead to a season of rapid and sustained growth in the church. It's like the seasons are going to be favourable weather for significant growth and harvest. It will be distinct and noticeable shift. This is separate from any suddenly from heaven!