The Next Wave: Years Ending with 4


The Lord has been speaking me about the number four lately, specifically hitting on the fact that two major revivals have begun in years that ended with the number 4 (Azusa—1904, Catch The Fire—1994).

As I was inquiring a bit more about its significance, I felt like the Lord said He was releasing three major things, all of which revolve around impartation.

The first is extension. Revelation 7:1 describes the four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, and I felt like what is happening this week at the conference will be taken to all four corners of the earth. However, the only way this can be accomplished is if what’s imparted is taken beyond the four walls of the church. The impartation being released will not fully manifest without a focus on the people who are outside the church. By reaching these people as well, the impact of the impartation will extend to all ends of the earth.

Second, stability. The Lord showed me this by highlighting the fact that chairs, tables and most animals cannot stand properly balanced without all four legs. The impartation being released this week is coming with a stability so that the fires all around the world, that will either start or grow from this week on, will stand the test of time. Stewardship will be extremely valuable as people head back to their respective cities.

Third, explosion. The Lord highlighted Hebrews 2:4 which explains God’s Four-Fold witness: signs, wonders, miracles, and the Holy Spirit. The Lord is releasing a four-fold witness in many areas of people’s lives this week, especially finances and physical health. In other words, it’s not that the Lord is just increasing signs, wonders, miracles and the Holy Spirit in general ways, it’s in specific ways. For example finances, people can start to expect signs, wonders, miracles AND intense Holy Spirit activity in their finances.

Two major moves of God started in years that end with the number 4, and I believe that a third is about to happen in 2014. The Lord is declaring that from 2014 onward, an extension of influence and impact, stability in Holy Spirit outpourings, and an explosion of God’s witness can be expected both inside and outside of the church. All of it is because of the level of impartation that is taking place.