The Next Wave: Not Just an Anniversary


For The Lord would say, this is not just an anniversary, it is a sign and a wonder-a sign for what God is getting ready to release and a wonder as it marks the releasing of a new move of the Holy Spirit that is the marriage of both wind and fire.

This is only the time to look back but to be propelled forward! I am going to do double what I have done with you as a couple and double what I did in the last visitation, says The Lord. This is the day of the Elisha Awakening.

England is next, and then my Spirit will jump to Asia and the Pacific Rim. Europe will be ablaze with my glory and France will be touched in a glorious way.

Not one continent will be left out for this is a season when the anointing will fall on those who have come, both young and old, and they will go home rejoicing and carrying revival fire!