The Next Wave - A Collection of Prophetic Words


On January 20th, 2014 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Toronto Blessing. It is deeply moving for us to remember the multitude of miracles that have happened and lives that have been transformed both in our Toronto Catch The Fire church as well as all of the surging waves of revival that are occurring through Global Awakening, Global Legacy, Global Celebration, Iris Ministries, Harvest International Ministries, and Partners in Harvest (our own family of churches). And there are hundreds of other networks, churches and ministries who have all been radicalized by the Holy Spirit, inside and out. These champions are now changing their world for Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

There is cause for great rejoicing in the goodness of God to us all over the last twenty years. The word 'remember' is used over 200 times in scripture, with God saying He will remember, but also calling us to remember all the good things He has done. “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him.” (Psalm 22:27 NIV) From January 20th to 24th we had an incredible celebration together, with all of our Revival Alliance colleagues, along with friends from all over the globe.

Although it is a very good thing to remember, we are also very excited about the future, looking forward to it in great faith. We are witnessing hundreds of young leaders taking the baton and moving us forward into the next twenty years of revival. They are planting new churches, releasing new songs and giving their lives to missions, many of them loving Jesus more passionately than perhaps any generation since the early church.

I had a dream in January before the event where I was amazed at all of the well-known leaders and friends who were coming to our Twentieth Anniversary Celebration and Revival Alliance Conference. I was rejoicing that ‘this one’ was here, and ‘that one’ had come, when the Lord broke in and spoke to me, calmly yet strongly, saying "Yes, and I am coming as well." He wasn't simply meaning He would be omnipresent, but that He would be breaking in mightily to take us all to a new place in His Presence, and in fruitful ministry. Take note friends, revival is global and is unstoppable. It is moving powerfully and rapidly, touching every nation and reaching to the ends of the earth. The best days of revival and harvest are just ahead, and heaven is preparing for the return of our King! May you and I as His bride be very intentional about making ourselves ready to meet our Bridegroom. (Revelation 19:7)

We have been blown away by the shear number of prophetic words coming in from friends and significant voices around the world. Words that urge us to press in for the more and all that the Lord has yet in store for us. We felt it timely to publish this collection of the words (with their permission) for your benefit so you can join us in preparing and praying for the next wave of what the Lord wants to do on Earth. Let his Kingdom come!

IssuesJohn Arnott