The Next Wave: Heralding a New Era


I am excited, anticipating largely about this next week. I believe that we have entered a new era, greater than a season or phase. And there is yet something that is to happen that will ignite this next period of history which we have entered. I believe it is heralding an all new age. We are being set up for it. And there is a spiritual empowerment at the door which will cause us to soar above our enemies, it may just perhaps be the beginning of the countdown to Jesus return. And the remnant will be overtaken with His glory.

Somehow I believe that this week (Revival Alliance Conference) at Catch The Fire, the new will be kick started, I don't know what that fully means but God is going to break out afresh and anew. I have huge expectation, so much so that even if I come and go and it seems as nothing happened, I will find after leaving a whole new freshness in my spirit and a dynamic of the Holy Spirit manifesting as well as abiding that is greater and different than anything I've experienced before.

It is like nothing we have experienced before. There is such an ethereal, heavenly quality to it, yet totally accessible to the hungry serious seeker. It is like we are going to punch through that final very thin by now membrane between heaven and earth, heaven will be released on earth to the remnant in an unusual and astounding manner. The miraculous will seem ordinary, yet we will fall on our faces at the manifestation of it for it will be His manifest presence and glory. Holiness will break out and great joyful repentance will begin to roll down like a glorious river.

New resources and supply are going to be multiplied like the woman Elisha told to get the bottles to fill. He will fill all the bottles we bring him so it's a time for big faith. Find every bottle we can and then more because the only limitation will be the number of bottles we bring Him. From the heart not the mind. To the abandoned givers in every realm, miraculous amazing supply is going to be released.

It is the day of the childlike spirit, full of wonder and awe, expectation and simplicity, from a heart of simple abandoned love and trust, childlike love and trust.

There will be a breaking out of His supernatural love among the true Body, like never before. We will be like family, closer than natural family and even that will be supernatural. God has been dealing with the orphan spirit because it separates us, causes us to move out of competition and striving to prove our worth and significance. It is time to truly come home, come home (emphasis on coming home to Him fully and to His assigned place for us, it (the love and covenant commitment) will be greater than even our natural homes.

I honestly believe a whole new movement that will ultimately usher in the second coming is going to be released. It is going to be like a snowball that starts rolling, gains both size and momentum. I hear don't try to contain or organize it because it has a momentum all it's own that is truly fueled by heavens mandate. It has everything to do with the launching of the true New Testament church dynamic that will advance beyond anything we have thought or imagined.

Presence, Gods manifest presence in and among us and exousia will mark the day, not dunamis. Dunamis will flow out of God's presence among us and the corresponding revelation of exousia, our legal right to legislate heaven on earth because we are, people of the PRESENCE, His Presence. In the Presence will be the out break of His glory.

A caution I have been sensing has to do with how we handle the size and movement of what we are moving into. I have heard the word flotilla again and again. Build flotillas, not huge organizations for the administration must serve the movement and not vice versa. The temptation will be to develop administration and organization in a way that will ultimately stop the move of God. And the leaders must be apostolic visionaries who will fearlessly lead us into new territory and models that will accelerate the movement, not slow it down nor stop it.

We are at a critical generational turning point where many of us are having to look at who will pick up the mantle and carry it into the next generation. It must be those with an apostolic and prophetic visionary spirit. We need the more administrative types to come alongside and help us. But we cannot hand the movement over to them.

Catch The Fire is at a critical turning point where I believe there is a fresh outpouring of the new. It has probably as much as any group the potential to be one of the main leaders into the new. And this week is to be a fresh outpouring and equipping and retooling for the new through a release of a whole new movement. I say, let the new movement begin.

I was a product (not present at the time) of one of the greatest outpourings in 1948 that went on for 5 years. I gleaned much from that, particularly an apostolic and prophetic spirit fueled by Gods presence. It eventually dissipated (took years to happen) because they kept trying to recapture what was and secondly passed the leadership to the next generation, giving it to a gifted apostolic teacher and CEO type whose passion was organizational and administrative, eventually killing the "movement."

So all of this to say, I believe we are sitting on the edge of a brand new move of God which will have of course familiar elements but a whole new explosive manifestation of Gods presence and ultimately empowerment, including new calls etc etc that will thrust us into the final and greatest harvest earth has ever experienced, preparing the way for Jesus return.

I am coming to the conference fully expecting and looking for the unusual manifestation of Gid's presence and glory that will propel us anew and afresh into the final harvest. I am not even looking particularly to a speaker but to God. I believe so much that something unprecedented will be released that this is the first time in years I have felt strongly compelled to attend a conference. Traditionally I have gone because I was one of the speakers and didn't have time to just attend a conference. And I am bringing my entire top level pastoral staff.