The Next Wave: Gifts From Heaven


While praying for Catch The Fire, Revival Alliance Conference these few things came to me:-

I saw, in the sanctuary, an open Heaven. I saw God, and the angels, looking down, as if they were looking into a gigantic open box. Like little children, the angels kept bugging God, asking Him “Can we go down yet!? Can we go down!?” God responded: “I told you, you have to wait for the person you were designated to. Wait for them to come in, then you can go down, and give them their gift.” I felt so much excitement and anticipation with this vision; it even carried on into the next morning!

As we were anointing the doors to the church, I saw in all the entranceways a heavenly waterfall coming down. In the waterfalls were the miracles, signs and wonders that every person coming through the doorways needed. As the people walked through and entered into worship, the miracles they were looking for were met.

When we were praying at the pulpit, I saw a lightning bolt come out of it. It struck everyone that was behind it (speakers, worship team). They became slain in the Spirit. When they got up, they were more anointed than they were before. Lightning bolts were now emitting from them, and going out into the congregation.

While journaling later in our cell group i got this:- Catch The Fire, in God’s glory you will stand, in God’s glory, lift up your hands and voices in worship. In the open heavens, you will receive every miracle He has for you. As the heaven’s come down in their fullness, be open and ready to receive the miracles, signs and wonders I have for you. I AM all that you need, I AM the miracles, signs and wonders. Just open up your hearts, let me work through you. Lift up your hands church into the open heavens and let me come and manifest my ways among you.