The Next Wave: 3 Words for 3 Groups


I am 'carrying' 3 words right now for a few various groups;

1) For the church at large, this year is a time to seek God for the gift of faith 'for MORE' than eyes have seen, ears have heard, or can imagine. Just as in 94 God birthed much more than what was expected He desires many ministries to believe He is going to birth more to and through their ministries than they have had any idea this year. 1 Cor 2:9 & Eph 3:20-21. It is not so much an increase of the miraculous as it is God doing new works through us that are miraculous in His power and creativity.

This is a 'now' word for seeking God re: 2014. a generalized presentation of this is on the home page of our web site. It is called 'the 2014 Pioneer Challenge".

2) This is a key year of 'beginning of breakthrough' for the western european churches. I am encouraging ministries based in western europe and also ministries that itinerate, or do short term missions to western europe to put a special focus on ministry in nations like France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, etc.

3) For Sweden: the Lord is opening a sovereign window for 'spring warm winds' to blow through churches in Sweden. There will be a thawing out, a fresh scent of heaven, and new things budding & blooming for those who respond to the Holy Spirit.