Mission Series | Raining Gemstones in India


Catch The Fire Pastor, Faustin Fernando, spent two days with orphaned children in India. Here are stories of the supernatural encounters that they experienced there.

These children in the Life Foundation Center in Jeuura, Orissa, come from Hindu tribal communities and have either been abandoned or have lost their parents in tribal disputes. All of them are currently attending local, public schools so they do face mild persecution from other children because they do not pray to Hindu gods. One day, one of the villagers asked Jason, the manager of Life Foundation Centre, to help a cow that had fallen in a ditch. Jason took his jeep and rope to rescue it. After the cow was rescued, his wife Andrea said to the children, “Ask Jesus what the story is about the cow." The children worshipped Jesus and they slipped into heaven.

They asked Jesus, “What is the story of the cow?" Jesus took them to a room where every event on earth is recorded in heaven. The children were given the opportunity to see how it fell in the ditch. The cow was walking by the road and he slipped and fell with his face looking to the sky, they saw the cow praying saying, “Father save me." The prayer of the cow was answered.

God hears our prayers and he will rescue us from anything we face. Here is his promise, “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor me.” (Psalm 50:15 NASB)

"These children are trained how to fight the demons who have strongholds over surrounding villages."

One day the children said to Andrea, “We have never eaten fish for a meal”.

Andrea has a quick response to anything they ask, “Ask Jesus."

In their next visit to heaven, they asked Jesus for fish for their meal. Jesus said to them, “Tomorrow morning go to the pond and you will find a large fish that will be sufficient for you all.” I have seen the pond and it’s not deep, yet the next morning they found a big fish swimming inside. They caught it by hand and give it to the kitchen to cook.

"Stones from heaven appeared in their hands."

One evening we saw Pradeep, a 12 year old, receiving training in the spirit. His eyes were closed but he was learning how to use a bow and arrow and how to ride on a horse. He was getting instructions from one of the angels how to fight. Interestingly, we often see the children talking to each other in Oriya language, their hand and leg movements giving clear indications that they are preparing for a battle. In the night, as they sleep, the Lord takes them to deliver cities and villages from demons.

For the past 3 years they have also seen gemstones appear during worship. On a couple of occasions, we saw the children screaming “Stones, stones!" Their eyes locked, scanning the ground. The stones from heaven appeared in their hands and on the floor. We could see in their hand movements that they were receiving large stones but the specimens that they picked up were often very tiny. We asked them why the stones are so tiny. Jesus said to them, “The size of the stones that appear on earth determines the density of the spiritual darkness of the territory.”

"20 Hindus gave their life to Jesus."

After visiting these heavenly children, we continued on our journey to other cities. Whilst there, we prayed for other little children to experience heaven also. In Sholapur we prayed for about 40 children and one particular girl who was just 6 years of age began weeping uncontrollably. We asked what was happening. She had been motioned by Jesus to follow Him and He showed her heaven, then He showed her hell, where she saw people burning and crying out for help. As she shared to the crowd, 20 Hindus gave their life to Jesus. What a powerful reminder of childlike faith!

I am traveling back to India in 2014 to spend more time with the heavenly children. If you are interested in joining me, send me an email at ffernando@catchthefire.com