Movie Review | Frozen


Disney Animations | November 2013
Directed by Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee
Rating: PG

I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m a pretty big fan of snow, Disney and animations, so a snowy Disney animation is right up my street. I’d heard nothing but positive things about ‘Frozen’—even that it’s the best Disney movie since ‘The Lion King’. This is a bold statement to make, so I had high expectations. And I must say, the creators of ‘Tangled’ and ‘Wreck It Ralph’ have excelled in bringing us this adventurous high-detailed animation which, I would say, is close to—or even on par with—one of my favorites, ‘Finding Nemo’. There is just less water and much, much more ice.

Without giving any spoilers, ‘Frozen’ is set in a warm and beautiful kingdom which has a chilling secret (excuse the pun), and is accidentally doomed to endure an eternal winter as it becomes—you guessed it—frozen. (Sounds cryptic with the “accidentally” but it’s a cleverly written storyline.) Some unlikely and misfitting characters—including a goofy and often decapitated talking snowman—go on an adventure into the snowy wilderness and encounter more extreme characters, like some rolling stone trolls, all in an attempt to save the kingdom from destruction and rescue those that are lost, in more ways than one.

‘Frozen’ has that magical Disney effect of sucking you into the story right away, and making you feel connected to the main characters (even the talking snowman who likes summer). I especially could relate to the main protagonist, Anna, since she’s also a freckly redhead who falls on her butt, has terrible bed hair and likes adventures, handsome men and chocolate.

Disney’s typical love story is that redemption depends on a kiss, usually a princess meeting her true love or something mushy and gushy like that. But this movie is actually different. The powerful underlying message is more about true love of a different kind that can melt (oh the puns) even the hardest of hearts. The songs’ lyrics are meaningful and there are notable quotes for sure. “Conceal, don't feel, don’t let them know,” is recited by Elsa, Anna’s older sister. I saw how shame, fear and hiding leads us to harden our hearts and shut people out, and that it can only be healed by true love which, as Olaf the talking snowman said, is “when you put someone else’s needs before your own.”

If you want to see a movie that makes you chuckle, speaks to your heart, or fills you with warm-fuzzies, despite the huge volume of ice and snow, this movie does exactly that. Although I saw ‘Frozen’ with three children, it is definitely a movie for adults too. You will laugh out loud time after time, be impressed by the high definition special effects, and God may even speak to you through it. Don't hesitate to go and enjoy the 'Frozen' warm-fuzzies that Disney has for you this Christmas. I most certainly did.

PS: There’s a Disney short before the movie, featuring Mickey Mouse—get to the theatre early so you don’t miss it!