Devotional | Get Ready to Reap


Part 3 of The Harvest Series. 

"I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.” (John 4:38 NIV)

"I sent you to reap" — My wife and I have just returned from another challenging visit to Incredible India! We went primarily to explore the exceptional work that some friends of ours are doing among the most unreached peoples of that vast land. We were blown away by a number of our experiences there, but the realization that caused the most impact was the radical commitment that these brothers and sisters have made to communicate the gospel in spite of enormous adversity.

Such is the purity of their devotion to Christ that they are ready to obey Him at all cost. So, when He said, “I sent you to reap…” this is what they do, even though they are often harassed, occasionally beaten and sometimes killed. In the midst of these challenges, the supernatural power of God is demonstrated in signs, wonders and miracles. So, in some cases, the church planters are reaping where they have done no work! As a result, the churches are growing in an unprecedented manner, transforming communities and bringing the light of the gospel to a very dark region of the globe.

At this point in the West, we are not yet restricted, to any life threatening degree, from proclaiming the gospel. So I encourage you, as I challenge myself, to pray for opportunities to share this incredibly good news of a God of love and justice. Identify the hurdles that prevent you from sharing the gospel and ask the Lord to enable you with His grace and by His Spirit to overcome them.

Further, if you haven’t settled this in the depths of your heart yet, settle on this truth: the world around you desperately needs what you have! They need an encounter with Jesus, because He truly is THE answer! He really is. So let Him out and see what happens. You may just find yourself reaping more than you imagined!