Review | Once Upon A Revival by Mary Audrey Raycroft


Once Upon A Revival by Mary Audrey Raycroft
A subjective look at the Toronto Revival.
Releasers of Life Publishing | October 2013

Mary Audrey Raycroft delivers a fascinating overview of the good, great and challenging moments of the Toronto Revival in Once Upon A Revival. I found myself laughing at the humorous accounts she recalls -for some of them, I remember being there myself! 

I was also gripped by the nuggets of wisdom she gives, in particular her caution not to take the Holy Spirit for granted but to live in wonder, expectation and the joy of being in His Presence everyday. I found it hard to put the book down, reading it through in two days.

She concludes with helpful tips on how to welcome revival, encouraging all of us to become 'new wineskins' in the times of outpouring and the blowing winds of change.

Mary Audrey Raycroft is a faithful witness to historical and ongoing accounts of the Toronto Revival. Knowing her personally for many years, I highly regard Mary Audrey Raycroft as a woman of anointing, character and excellence in teaching. She has written a great work in Once Upon A Revival

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