Review | Straight Answers to 21 Honest Questions about Prayer by Charles Simpson


Straight Answers to 21 Honest Questions about Prayer by Charles Simpson
Answers to Your Most Puzzling Questions about Prayer
Baker Publishing | September 2013

Charles Simpson has learned a few things in his 58 years of ministry. One thing he has learned is the importance of prayer.

He begins each chapter with a question such as:

- What does it mean to pray in the Holy Spirit?
- What does it mean to pray fervently?
- Is Prayer Worth the Labor?
- Should I fast?

As you can see, these are very basic, yet fundamental, questions. As such, this book may be particularly of use for those who are just learning to pray. I found Charles' book to be both informative and helpful. He outlines practical tips and lessons on how to keep the fire burning in one’s prayer life and how to help get it jump-started.

Charles also details the necessary process of removing those things that hinder us in our prayer life, such as unforgiveness towards another, lack of faith or constant busyness.

Perhaps this won't be the deepest book on prayer that you will ever read, but it is practical in its simplicity. The truth is, this book may appear a little simplistic for those who have been in the prayer movement for a while, but it will greatly encourage all those who are new to it.