LSOM Testimony | Lenita Sahlman


A “suddenly” chance to attend the three-week Leaders School of Ministry. 

On New Year’s Eve 2012, I was trying to decide what to do. I was back in my hometown, Toronto, staying at my mother’s for the holidays. I thought to check out the Catch The Fire website to see if they had a celebration. As I was perusing the pages, I suddenly had a peaked interest to visit the School of Ministry. And there, I found it — the three-week Leaders School of Ministry (LSOM) to begin in early January, 2013. Then, in this “suddenly” moment, the Lord Jesus said, “That’s for you, daughter.”

“Wow! Really?” I thought. I had no idea I would ever be able to attend the school. I had always assumed it was out of my reach financially but now I had the cash and the time. I knew the Lord Jesus was going to use the School of Ministry to further my journey towards inner healing. I love the Lord Jesus! He is always healing me in different ways, using different means.

So I signed up for the Leaders School of Ministry. Awesome! The course had four different segments: hearing the voice of God, experiencing the Father’s love, healing life's hurts, and learning to activate the gift of prophesy. Then, to top it all off, we were invited to attend the three-day Pastor’s and Leader's Conference, which is held every year at Catch The Fire’s main Toronto campus.

"I am not my broken past and it will no longer rule over me."

The course was intense both mentally and emotionally. We were divided into small groups, each group assigned a leader to mentor them. Our group had six women who were all battling some extraordinary challenges. Yet as the school drew to its close, I felt every one of us had come to a place of freedom, boldly proclaiming, “I am not my sin; I am not my failures; I am not my broken past and it will no longer rule over me.” We all left more healed and joyous in the Lord Jesus, who had more for us than the sum of our personal experiences, misfortunes, or misgivings. Jesus trumped all that Satan had dished out to us and we were delighted. 

The week of the school dedicated to hearing the voice of God was also significant. Sat in a room full of people, I actually heard the voice of God speaking to my spirit while journaling — a zealous experience! I had tried journaling several years prior to no avail but this time the words flowed effortlessly. What’s more, the Lord Jesus allowed me to adopt this teaching, calling it, “My sheep hear My voice.” I delivered it to a number of people on my missions trip to Kenya, which took place immediately after the LSOM had finished.

The week of inner healing teaching—called healing life's hurts—took us further along the journey to wholeness. We were given the opportunity to revisit many painful childhood memories, allowing Jesus to bring healing and love into those areas. Some healing requires more time than just one week, but it provided us with a great starting point.

"Jesus trumped all that Satan had dished out to us."

Lastly, we were taught prophetic activations. Many truths about the prophetic were explained and everyone had the chance to prophesy to one another. The scriptures say to ask for the greater gift, that is to hear God’s voice so that you might prophesy. Each person also received a prophetic word from the trainers, Ivan and Isabel Allum. And it was right on for me!

In summary, I encourage anyone and everyone to attend the School of Ministry modules, whether it is one week, three weeks or five months—there is something for everyone! It is best when the Lord Jesus makes space for you to go. I love His surprises! So pray and see what He says. He just might suddenly surprise you.

If finances are a perceived set back, read this testimony of a mother and son from the United States who did not have the funds to attend: The mother said, “If the Lord Jesus wants us there, He will provide.” Within 48 hours, they had received sufficient funds to go. A member of their church had given them the money.

I was so blessed by the Leaders School of Ministry. I am always honored to share my testimony. Thank you, Lord Jesus!