Review | Prisoner Inside my Heart by Juanita Lubin


Prisoner Inside my Heart by Juanita Lubin 
A Personal Guide to Freedom
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform | January 2013

“Carolyn struggled to climb out of the hiding place called sleep which she often found herself in during these past few years. As she came to full consciousness, she also became aware of the pain in her heart. Once again she gave in to the dark feelings of hopelessness that has been her constant companion since the death of her only child, David.” (p. 55)

Written by a Christian counselor with over 20 years of experience, this book may only take an hour to read but within it lies a wealth of tools to use in obtaining long-lasting freedom from struggles that keep us from the “life in its fullness” that the Bible promises.

Each chapter begins with a client’s story (all names changed) of how God brought freedom from a specific issue they were facing. The stories are varied, real and easy to relate to and they demonstrate clearly the process from recognising an issue, inviting God to speak about it, listening to what He says and praying through what He reveals to accomplish victory and freedom in that area. Each chapter covers a belief or experience that the author has found recurring time and time again amongst her clients. I am sure everyone reading will identify with at least one of the stories—if not all!

During her time as a counselor, Juanita Lubin learned to used analogies and illustrations to explain simply the things of the spirit. It is this simplicity that separates the book from amongst others of its type, expelling much that is mysterious or confusing about inner healing. The workbook at the end, as well as the illustrations and prayers throughout, are effective and useful tools to use ourselves and also to lead others through a process of healing from life’s hurts.

I’m familiar with the concepts taught in this book but still found it a helpful read, especially in gaining methods to guide others to a place of personal breakthrough. In fact, I immediately bought more copies! I have so far given away four books to people, each in differing stages of maturity, and they have all found this to be an easy-to-read yet effective tool in leading others to freedom from ongoing struggles.

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