Review | Onething Live: You Satisfy My Soul


Onething Live: You Satisfy My Soul

ByIHOP Kansas City (Various Artists)

Forerunner Music | 2013

This is a live recording from the 2012 international conference, Onething, at Kansas City’s International House Of Prayer. The annual conference receives over 20,000 young adults, all passionate about worship and intercession in spirit of the Tabernacle of David. I was able to attend Onething in 2012 and it was the most incredible experience to be a part of this amazing gathering of passionate worshipers.

Although it is targeted at young adults, the conference welcomes people of any age. I love the variety of songs on this album, from Misty Edwards’ version of Phil Wickham's ‘Always Forever’ featuring David Brymer, to Anna Blanc's song ‘Isaiah 42’. This is very much like that found in IHOP’s prayer room in Kansas City where there is such a wide range of worship leaders and musicians. Each brings their own style, so you are sure to find songs on this album to suit your tastes.

My personal favourites from You Satisfy My Soul are the first four songs — now realizing that on a CD of just ten tracks, that is quite a few! Out of these four, the one which stands out the most to me is Davy Flower's song, ‘My Comfort’, featuring The Cry. This song has everything — great lyrical content, a catchy melody and a rousing bridge. Davy sings with such passion and conviction, she leads with authority, and clearly from a place of great love for Jesus and a desire for others to experience His love. The other song that really connects with me is the title track, ‘You Satisfy My Soul’, written and sung so beautifully by Laura Hackett. I personally love to soak to this song; the lyrics are very easy to connect with and it contains such great reminders of God's faithfulness to us.

I would highly recommend this album, there will certainly be songs that you will go back to again and again.