Responding to "God Thoughts"


Responding to the thoughts that God gives us can lead to miraculous results.

Words of knowledge are a wonderful tool for us to know what God wants to do. I get these random thoughts from God a lot. I have learned that when a thought comes into my mind out of the blue, it is God is speaking to me, and I need to respond as quickly as possible.

Restaurants are the primary place I do ministry, as the people I work with at our church are all followers of Jesus. I love to tune in to flow when I am out of our church building. This means listening to the spontaneous flow of thoughts that come to mind when you still yourself in God's presence and focus on Him. These thoughts that sound like your own are actually Him speaking to you. On my first trip to Brazil, I was taken out for lunch with other pastors after our first meeting. There were about twelve of us, three of us spoke English and I was seated by one of them who was my translator, Sergio.

"She had asked God just that morning that if He was real, to send someone to relieve her pain."

During the meal, I had a random thought while eating meat! “The lady who is serving us has pain.” So the next time she came over to our table, Sergio translated for me. I asked her, “Excuse me, but do you have pain in your body?” I wasn’t prepared for her response, but God was! I had been set up on this one. She stared at me as if I was a ghost. She proceeded to tell me and the pastors gathered there that she had a degenerating bone disease that causes incredible pain.

She had asked God just that morning that if He was real, to send someone to relieve her pain. Then there I was, asking about her pain. She said, “What can you do for me?” It turned out she was the owner of the restaurant. We went to a room off to the side and I had her say a simple prayer. “My healing belongs to me, because of what Jesus has done, I receive my healing, now!” She was instantly healed! All the pain that was in every bone in her body left in a second!

After she had cried and cried, I then led her to the Lord. Her young daughter was standing beside her and we found out that she too had the problem, only worse. The young girl, perhaps 13 or 14, was wearing a plastic body suit to keep her straight. She repeated the same prayer and was also miraculously healed. More crying!

There is more to the story

The woman asked me what I could do for her son. She said his condition was the most severe. He had his bones broken twenty four times to help to relieve the pain. However, at that moment, he wasn’t at home but at school. We weren’t able to wait for him to return home so as a group we said the prayer for his healing.

Two nights later at the last of our meetings in their city, the whole family was sitting in the front row. Mom and daughter whom I had met, and also the father and son who I was meeting for the first time. The mom hugged me and told me the rest of the story.

"All of them had been completely pain-free for two days."

Her son had come home from school with no pain whatsoever! All of them had been completely pain-free for two days. Not only that, but the little girl had grown two inches in those two days. I began the meeting by having them share their story, and I gave an invitation for people to receive Jesus. The first ones up the front were the husband and son!

Your Response

How did this healing happen? I had a “God thought” and responded. God wanted to answer this lady’s prayer, and perhaps I was going to be the only believer she would meet that day. So, God spoke to me to help me know His will.

If you also need healing, agree with me in saying this prayer aloud:
“Jesus, I thank you that you proved over and over that God wants everyone to be healed. Thank you Father that Jesus was in tune with you and knew your heartbeat. I believe that you want me to be well, and free from any pain and sickness. I receive your healing ministry today. Amen.”

This article is an excerpt from a chapter of an upcoming book by Steve Long.