Turn Off Your Spiritual AC


Do we turn on our spiritual air conditioning when things get hot?

I love the sun. Not just in an “I enjoy summer” way, but the “40°C is my thing” kind of sun-loving way, which makes it hard for me to understand air conditioning. I am known for ranting about the evils of AC, but that isn’t where I’m going with this, so stay with me! I don't understand it when people spend the winter pining for summer, then when summer comes they basically cancel it out by turning their AC on as high as it will go! Their Facebook statuses complain about the snow and ice. They look longingly at summer clothes and wish they could be in Florida or Brazil or any place where there’s sun. Then finally, when that first day of spring comes, followed by the longer, warmer days of summer, they respond by making their home colder than they had it in winter! How typical of our human condition! We long for the warmth of summer, but when it comes, it’s too much and we want to control it and tone it down.

I’m not suggesting AC is in any way morally wrong. But how similar our relationship with the sun is to our relationship with the Son. We cry out saying, “I need more. Come and do a new thing. I want to know you more.” But when God responds, too often we back off and turn on our “spiritual AC” as it were. It might be that in order to partner with Him in something, what He’s asked us to give seems too much with our other expenses, so we cut back a little. Perhaps the emotions which are stirred up in us seem too intense, or the setting is just a little too awkward for our social sensibilities to truly express ourselves, so we back off and close off a part of ourselves to what He’s doing in us. Maybe disappointment or humiliation from previous failures cause us to avoid becoming too excited about something new or going “gung-ho” into the next dream God whispers to us. I’m sure you can think of your own example from the past where God has “turned up the heat” as it were, and whether out of fear, pain, other priorities, confusion or something we can’t even name, you’ve backed off a little. I definitely can.

"He’s looking to partner with and pour onto and into those who are seeking Him with their whole hearts."

The Bible doesn’t tell us to be lukewarm in our relationship with God, or to love Him with half our heart. What it says is: "Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’" (Matthew 22:37 NIV) In other words, hold nothing back. I found examples of people like Isaiah and Moses who encountered the presence of God in such a way that they weren’t just moved momentarily, but their entire countenance (and life thereafter) was changed.

I heard someone say that in this end-time season, God is looking for the Nazarite and the Shulamite—radical obedience and radical lovers. Things are going to get intense. God is going to move in a way we’ve never seen before and He’s looking to partner with and pour onto and into those who are seeking Him with their whole hearts. My question is: Will we be the ones who endure, who press in and enjoy the heat (much like myself in an African dry season), or will we be the ones who back off a little, close off our hearts and turn on our spiritual AC?

I've often been told by friends and family that I remind them of a lizard seeking out the warmest spot and basking in the heat of the day. Let's be spiritual lizards. How can we seek out and bask in the heat of the Son today?