Mission Series | Rocked by a Nation


Tabitha’s world was changed by her first mission trip.

My world was rocked. Hearts were changed. Lives were transformed. My first ever missions trip was absolutely incredible and I will never forget it.

Picking head lice, playing with gorgeous children, long bus rides, worship, prayer, conversations with an amazing group of new friends... Our week in Honduras was jam-packed, but I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different. There are really no words to describe the impact God had there. So many lives were blessed by the Father’s love and I personally loved being able to witness it. It impacted me greatly and I returned home changed.

“Spending each day with the beautiful Hondurans opened my heart and truly showed me the compassionate heart of our Father.”

Without fail, my favourite story to tell comes from our second brigade day, where we served at the largest school compound we attended. I was on lice duty again that day, and I actually loved this task! It let me connect with the girls and see them smile. It was a joy to let them feel loved and special by having their hair combed through and styled. Over the course of that day, I believe we were able to wash, clean and style approximately 120 girls’ hair. How incredible!

Wendy, one special little girl, was completely attracted to me (and I to her) from the moment we began her special hair treatment. This little one was a bundle of energy, and it’s amazing how smiles, laughter and absolute silliness can connect two people. She kept coming back to find me all day long and seemed to crave the attention I was able to give her. I would chase her around, snatch her up and spin her around. She’d always whip her head back until she was hanging upside down and be so full of giggles. What brought the most joy to my heart was that her mother could see and delight in this interaction all day.

“We are all the same —we are all created in His image.”

The experience of this trip ultimately changed my perspective on humanity, the way people respond to others and the way they respond to the Word of God. Though I had previously interacted with children while on vacation in third-world countries, it was never to the extent of what this trip presented. Spending each day with the beautiful Hondurans opened my heart and truly showed me the compassionate heart of our Father.

My team went with the mindset that we are so vastly different to the Hondurans. But this changed as soon as we met them. God reminded me that we are all the same—we are all created in His image.

It is so easy to take for granted what God has given us. But it's a missions trip like this that really makes you re-focus on the basics—the foundation of mankind. I strongly encourage everyone to take the opportunity and go on a trip like this at some point in your life! I will never forget Honduras, the people I encountered and the love of God which transformed that place.

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